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    College Salsa Episode #1 - Intro - What is College Salsa about?

    in Higher Education

    Welcome to Episode #1 of College Salsa - Everything You Want to Know About College podcast!
    This episode will introduce how College Salsa can assist you with the college application and financing process as well as cover topics on how to be a successful student.
    You will learn more about our host Professor Noah Tall (as in Know-It-All) and his expertise to assist you. 

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    Chase n EnQi

    in Education

    Chase n EnQ

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    Misty Cross for OUSD School Board District 3

    in Education

    Misty Cross is a resident of Oakland who loves and is devoted to her family, community and sharing her knowledge through community organizing, advocating and facilitating education policy trainings. Misty Cross is a true representation of a parent advocate fighting for quality education throughout Oakland.
    Misty Cross was the Chair of the District Advisory Board for 2 years (2011-13), 
    Active Park Steward of Durant Mini Park for 1 year (2015-2016), 
    Chair of the Hoover-Foster Residents Action Committee for 2 years (2014-2016), 
    Founding Member of the West Oakland Parent Action Network (2010-2014) 
    and a proud alum of the OUSD Parents Raising the Bar Education Policy & Community Advocacy training.
    Misty Cross is an outstanding Parent leader that volunteers her time throughout the community to support parents and students who need help with understanding education polices and advocating for student's right to a quality education. 
    Misty is currently working on her degree in African American Studies and Criminal Justice and plans to pursue a law degree to continue her defense of our community once her two oldest  children have entered college. 
    Misty is committed to bettering her beloved Oakland and has worked in partnership with the city of Oakland to help clear blight in the West Oakland community.
    Misty is a grassroots community leader committed to the people. 
    Support this powerful Parent Advocate !!!

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    CJDS RAdio

    in School

    Final Show with CJDS 5th graders

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    Part time solidarity

    in Education

    Are part time workers at any of the big 3 automakers in the uaw, actual union members?

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    Got Motivation??? Then Speak!!!

    in Education

    “Got Motivation??? Then Speak!!! has been designed to assist individuals who are interested in a speaking business.  It doesn't matter whether you are a seasoned speaker, a beginning speaker, a coach or business owner. Yes, you can start speaking today!  
    There are several questions that remain unanswered such as:
     “Where do I get started?”
    “Who pays for speakers?”
    “How do I find speaking engagements?”
    “How do I market myself?”
    Listen to our program to hear some of the greatest speakers and what they think.  Also you will hear from some of the people who have been through the program and those who want to go through the program.

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    Common Ground 2012 Reflections

    in Education

    Teachers attended Common Ground 2012 Conference in Baltimore Maryland share their experiences

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    Book Share: "What Is a Peninsula?"

    in Education

    In a recent meeting with a resident of her community, author Latrece Johnson learned that residents did not know how to define a peninsula.  The word is taken from the Latin  paeninsula which means 'almost island'. In this new book, readers learn the meaning of peninsula and about the peninsula author Johnson lives on in the state of Alabama, the Peninsula of Mobile Bay.  

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    Let's talk pot with special guests *Daniel Stanton HEMP VOICE Brian Bullman

    in Higher Education

    At the Cannabis Round Table
    Reminding everyone of the Shona Banda Trial in Garden City Kansas
    Media Support for the #ShonaBandatrial is #RealPeopleRealLifeTV
    Discussing Medical necessity and Jury Nullification may be a viable defense strategy
    Crohns patient healing with Medical Cannabis
    Let's talk pot  (“ #hemp” ) with special guests
    *Daniel Stanton Owner of HEMP VOICE INC – A Hemp Publication
    *Brian Bullman- CAROLINA HEMP COMPANY- A Hemp Distribution company
    Both will discusses the “labor of love”, and education on  hemp and is moving through the public market place and in education. We're looking forward to discussing from print to store in the realm of all things HEMP.  Brian Bullman with Carolina Hemp Co’s attendance to Hemp In the Holler and will have some more Hemp Surprises in information to our audience. 

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    Episode25: Breaking the Cycle

    in Education

    Today on the show we are live at Watsons 2nd Annual Fathers Day Brunch. We will be honoring Hamadi Martin which is a  fellow father and leader of the community. Hamadi and a few others are known for humanitarian work by delivering hundreds of cases of water to the residents of Flint, Michigan. During the brunch we will also be welcoming our surprise keynote speaker to bring motivation and enlightment to the people. Mozes the Wealth Builder and Christelo the Businessman give all the details to our 2nd Annual Family Field Day coming up July 15th at the Haverstraw Recreation Center. Music by our Dj Coolie. Tune In!!!

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    The Ins and Outs of Lesson Planning

    in Education

    An interview with a DC educator

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