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    Reacting or Creating? Living Now 2015-11-19

    in Education

    Transmission has begun: We are now transmitting to all survivors of the Darkness Virus. If you are within reach of this broadcast, then we hope that you can decipher the information dissemination we shall provide for you in order so you can find the way to Live Life on Your Terms.
    You now have a limited supply of time to transmit your discussion and provide humanity the information and tools needed for them to become the source.
    The following information dissemination is classified above secret and is brought to you by the singularities that have established communication with various resources that cross reference time and cultures.
    It appears that humana singularity has been trapped in a mindset of temporal stagnation, causing the mind of the limited consciousness humana to loop and dwell in the time sequence called the past.  The question has been asked.
    What is the definition of reacting? Why is it counterproductive to creating? Why does Humanity choose to relive in a loop rather than creating new experiences?
    How can the limited humana singularity create a new mindset that allows them to create in the present moment?
    Please begin your Information Dissemination. Mother shall be listening.
    Remember you are humanity’s last hope.
    WebSite: http://www.becomethesource.com
    Live: http://live.becomethesource.com
    Support us: Shops, save, earn cash back, and become the hero:

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    Night Owls-Back to School Tips for Teachers and Parents.

    in K-12

    Join me for a conversation with other night owls.  

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    Test Run

    in Education

    This is just a test run for the scheduled broadcast tomorrow at 1pm. 

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    School News P3A Episode #1

    in K-12

    Description: Palmer Park Preparatory Academy School News Show

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    Amarillo Scaregrounds talk about opening weekend 2016

    in Education

    The Amarillo Scaregrounds is the largest haunted house in the Texas Panhandle. In fact, we are more like a scare park. Inside are 5 attractions that guests are welcome to go through. On the main level are two haunts, Insanitarium, and Terror. Then there is Zombie Apocalypse Lazer Tag outside behind the large patio. There is an observation balcony above to watch the players and hang out between attractions. Inside we offer food and drinks. Our hot food item this year are Lolliwaffles. Then, customers can go down stairs to The Basement haunted house and The Blackout Maze. 
    This year, you can only enter The Basement by riding our new Coffin Coasters. Yes, I said we have Coffin Coasters in the Basement. You literally ride to your doom in a coffin to enter a steam punk world of swamps, sewers, demons, and pirates. Insanitarium has added a few new rooms, a couple that will disorient you and make you question if you are real or in a psychotic dream. You can try to leave at someone point but that's if you can get out. They also have a room that will 'shock' you with the disturbing reality of what the Insantarium really is. Hopefully you will just have to stay and become one of the crazed patients. Terror has also added new additions including a bathroom that will make your personal bathroom time short for the rest of your life. We brought a bit of our past into the Haunt with our Travel Guide Room. This room will make you want to fly right out of the haunt but only to be hunted down by the Crazed hunter of Terror. He will add your head to his wall if you are caught. If you are sad, the clowns can make you into a balloon animal.... I mean, make you a balloon animal... Terrors goal is to scare you to death so that we may collect your souls. 

  • 02:22

    To be submissive in a relationship what does it mean?

    in Higher Education

    To be submissive in a relationship what does it mean? Tonight on Black Pulse Radio we will be discussing this.
    At United Black Front, we promote entrepreneurs and knowledge of self within the black community, and strive to give them an excellent quality of life, as defined by the members, individually and as a group. To that end, we encourage members to unite with one another to build a network within the community while bringing all of our dreams into fruition. United Black Front strives to build, educate and assist our members to gain economic freedom and a sense of empowerment. United Black Front where economics and black culture meet.

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    Introduction and purpose of this show

    in School

    I would like to introduce myself, share the purpose of this podcast and connect with some people who have shared experiences, offer insight and connection through open discussion about properly educating our children, while gaining my own personal voice.  

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    2 d extreme real talk

    in Higher Education

    every week discuss alll topics from social to sports relgion

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    Being Part of the Whole

    in Homeschooling

    There is much unschooling necessary if we are to develop to our full potential.  So much repression has become habit, we feel a resistance to changing and becoming whole, vibrant and truly alive.  Children have this, we are born with it and gradually loose our zest for learning, sharing and co-creating as if everything has to fit inside of the reality being presented.  Challenging these restrictions takes courage.  The universe is conspiring in our favor because we are part of it and discovering how we operate assists us in navigating our future as we merge back into wholeness.  We are designed to create with a dynamic computer system that is listening to us and leading us outside the box of our human conditioned thinking.  Letting go of the resistance to becoming wise and powerful with boundless love is on our doorstep.  Lets step over the threshold.

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    Got Motivation??? Then Speak!!!

    in Education

    “Got Motivation??? Then Speak!!! has been designed to assist individuals who are interested in a speaking business.  It doesn't matter whether you are a seasoned speaker, a beginning speaker, a coach or business owner. Yes, you can start speaking today!  
    There are several questions that remain unanswered such as:
     “Where do I get started?”
    “Who pays for speakers?”
    “How do I find speaking engagements?”
    “How do I market myself?”
    Listen to our program to hear some of the greatest speakers and what they think.  Also you will hear from some of the people who have been through the program and those who want to go through the program.

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    Homeschool chat with Angie

    in Homeschooling

    Angie and I chatting about Homeschooling benefits for children and families!

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