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Join Ed Table Talk’s host Michael Jay and our founding sponsor MCH Strategic Data at The Table for our upcoming show! Education Table Talk is a fast-paced education talk radio show dedicated to informing and invigorating our audience with issues critical to PreK-12 Education. Are you interested in learning about technology, standards, early childhood, and more? Then you’ve found the right place!

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Education Canaries: Can systems predict and prevent failure? Stay tuned for more information this winter! To keep up to date, subscribe to the show at Ideas for future show topics? Tweet us @edtabletalk.
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Re-forming Summative Assessments: Blurring the line between learning and testing We will explore the following questions: What does a learning environment look like where learning and assessment are seamlessly integrated? What... more

Where Art Thou?: Moving from STEM to STEAM STEM is all the rage and rightly so. The skills our children need to learn regardless of their profession incorporate the skills that are taught in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics... more

November More than Just a Good Idea: Education Research Guide to Product Development Ideas abound for new teaching methodologies, and curriculum, and each claims to be innovative and effective. Governments throughout the world... more

School is Where Your Brain is: The Home-School Connection Historically, learning took place throughout all aspects of a child's life. Maybe not traditionally, maybe it's in the distant past with the advent of school, but many made an... more

Active learning is hard to leave in the classroom… if compelling, learners recount and rethink what they learned long after the lesson ends. The Maker movement embraces a ?hands on, minds on? approach that links the tactile... more

When someone mentions standards in education most people assume they are referring to curriculum or instructional standard. Get ready to delve into the world of technical standards that serve as the foundation of our digital offerings.... more

Big Publishers: Can the Spanish Armada transform into the British Fleet? Can big publishers change enough to address how today's students learn, educator's teach, and shifting business models associated with both? In the US textbook... more

Privacy today looks very different than it did 20 years ago… and the drive toward more personalized instruction from students, parents, and educators challenges privacy even further. Is it possible to build barriers to thwart data... more

Science Education: The Next Generation What does it take to implement a science standard at a national level? National scale standards in the US level have been controversial and the science standards are no different. The Next... more

Addressing the needs of every learner: Putting the 'person' in personalized Today, our education system is a one size fits some environment. What happens as we move towards personalized learning and what opportunities are available for... more