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Join Ed Table Talk’s host Michael Jay and our founding sponsor MCH Strategic Data at The Table for our upcoming show! Education Table Talk is a fast-paced education talk radio show dedicated to informing and invigorating our audience with issues critical to PreK-12 Education. Are you interested in learning about technology, standards, early childhood, and more? Then you’ve found the right place!

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Airs live on December 15th 2015 @ 11amPT / 2pmET! While many educators use teaching materials they find and adapt there is still an important role for thoughtful evaluation and review of resources, particularly those that will receive the... more

Open used to be simply the opposite of closed, however, in the digital age that is no longer exactly true. Many people think that when it comes to software and instructional materials, open means free. Well, it is not that simple as there are... more

Our industry leader guests will explore what constitutes a book, the role of multiple media, challenges managing learning assets, and the impact of addressing the evolving needs of primary and secondary education on the... more

pK-12 schools are beginning to recover from a fiscal famine yet with very different tastes in the educational resources they plan to purchase. Now we have the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Math and ELA as well as the Next... more

An ‘e' in front of any word changes our expectation of that item. eBooks exemplify that point… what makes an eBook a book and what makes it ‘e'lectronic? In pK-12 most learners have expectations of how they... more

In our first Play to Learn show we discussed if and how games are becoming an integral part of today's school-based learning experiences. In this show, we will look at the role games can play in developing skills that might not otherwise be... more

Constraints need not lead to conformity. We all learn that no two snowflakes are alike and yet the properties that dictate how liquid water crystalizes are the same for each. The Common Core are a set of standards that leave room for... more

Museums are no dinosaur! Museums and new Instructional Resources. We've all experienced the museum as a place to go as a member of an elementary class or on a stormy weekend day. In the internet age, museums have an audience... more

Play to Learn, Part I: When will educational games be mainstream instructional resources, or are they already? What is the role of play for humans? In our rather puritanical society is play a valid method to support learning or does it change... more

One of the significant promises of big data in education is to predict and prevent student failure. Of course we want to see learners succeed and data can help us with that as well, however, catching students before they get lost or even... more