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Untangling Concepts from Knowing Series: Who I AM & Self Improvement Knot

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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People avidly commit to their self awakening and self realization but are doing so without an experintial rudder or captain on the ship who is experienced in the route they want to take - one that would be very direct and accelerate their progress.  They are taking their ship of seeking out to sea and stopping at every offering that presents itself for whatever it promises to deliver.  

TRULY, people don't have a lot of well-known options to do otherwise, so they go with some of the most revered ideas that tradition has to offer to date. Is this effective or defective? Does it serve your reunion or delay your HOMECOMING?

Are you a spiritual junkie messing around with life and ego self improvements and elevating your emotional highs, or are you intererested in your innate mastery buried behind your amnesic mind which has never stopped trying to surface through your multilayered confusions in its eternal attempts trying to reach your outer thinking personal mind. 

Is freeing yourself from life-death wheel and life values your desired outcome? Or is ambition and making your mark what you seek?  Beyond immortality and its stories of glory, is your infinity Awareness and Presence that is Peace forevermore. 

Listen to our show today, and get a mighty fine start on loosening those psyche knots keeping you distracted and inefficient in your shift from life side focused on self improvements deflating the negative ego and training it to be a positive ego, back into The Other Side of LIfe from whence you came and shall return when your efforts are effective, have bull's eye savvy and are Higher SELF attuned which is beyone any self improvement. Does you I Am Presence need improvement? 

Any other attunement is self improvement only and misses the transcendent Awareness you likely hope to connect with as your Heritiage and Peace of Being.  Join us Sharon Quinn & Will Gable