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How Can I Know if Reincarnation IS Real or a Spiritual Theory?

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Simply, incarnation means Spirit is born into a HUman form to live a life & play within this matrix/game for all the joys God-Great Spirit may desire to experience and express. In other words, incarnation means God takes on a physical 3D reality in order to play in God's amazing dream creation, we call life. It was NEVER intended to be suffering, pain, stiving, fear, etc.that our eventaul amnesia in consciousness has slowly & gradually made into a 'normal' sense of living. 

Reincarnation is nothing more complex than a direct no-nonsense way to deal with this condition by giving your Spirit re-entry into the game so as to aright any errors of your Soul's creation. It acts like a revovling door back into the physical plane to 'make things aright' again so your Spirit SELF is no longer bound to that which is NOT in synch & vibration with your HOME within Divinity. As an aspect of God-Creator, you're a Creator Being accountable for whatever you create & give form into the energy field we call life. Period. 

Reincarnation has become a theory stemming from earlier life experience recognitions forming a continuity of being. This awareness gradually degraded into a belief system riddled with false ideations. This means our Souls do reincarnate making this theory an actuality, but misunderstood & rationalized by us.   

While some ideas are on target, many new ideas are being tapped into by psychics stumbling in the astral & not TRULY attuned to its function from their Divine comprehensions. Astral realm is a temporary 'home base' serving the Divine blueprint from Infinity into a sense of mortality for incarnation purposes & providing an ego so Spirit can take on a physical body. Incarnation is entry into form. Create misaligned enegy busniness, & you'vll trigger the mechanism giving your Divinity a way out of the mess you created called reincarnation.