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Arcs of Consciousness: What are they & How do they Fit with Spirituality?

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Consciousness implies Intelligence - its essence of mindful awareness, reasoning, thinking & feeling with Clarity. Ignorance is the duality counterpoint within consciousness itself, thus, is its illness. 

Amnesia is the proper/TRUE diagnosis. It guides what's required to heal your memory calling out, "Who AM I?"  Revealing & re-membering your re-union is integral to heal & restore high functioning in yourconsciousnesses to its highest arc & ownership. 

How do these arcs within consciousness function? What arc is your hang-out? Is your hang-out in life attuned & same as your end goal/hope of being? 

People tend to think of consciousness in a nebulous & fuzzy way. This is largely due to its rarified & suble nature. Ego mind is not well attuned to perceive as real such subtleness as Spirit.  

We tend to dance around within our consciousness as IF it were nothing more than some kind of grand mystery in life. "In life" are the operative words here.  In amnesia, life has become the grounding zone & standard of legitimate measure, while consciousness is considered to be an imagined philosophical zone in our mind's eye.  

Thus, we play with ideas about it. Again, the operative words are "about it" not actualizing, re-membering, owning, & realizing it.  Most of us function backwards; life is the orientation that matters & holds value to us.  

This shift alone makes Christos Spirit, emanating a consciousness, give rise to a perceived "hole in our Soul" causing people to enter into Spiritual searching for TRUTH.  The "hole in our Soul" is our amnesia spilling out how something vital is missing missing - no appropriate consciousness & Pure Awareness actually existing. This, of course, would be the lowest arc of functioning by mere defaults signaling from life or 3D reality.

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