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How Can you Know if Devil, Satan or Lucifer is Real or Imagined?

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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The Devil as an evil influencing entity,
(1) along with all of the evil varients different religious thoughts have given to such an entity's existence,
(2) to the supposed 'force of law and validity' of such an influence, and
(3) its dubiously proclaimed epic powers to cause human's in their frailty to error,
is nothing short of the greatest debacle of all times.   

It is a wadded knot of emotions and assumed lies tightly wound around human fears of separation and human amneisa. It is spoon fed to people who are having confused human experieces they are unable to explain due to their consciousness amnesia. So the mind's memory gaps have gottone filled with the worst kinds of definition of what being human is all about. The entire devil/satan axis completely cancels your being a Creator Spirit and replaces this TRUTH with a story about being a slave to evil inclinations to "sin" and be "bad".

Yes, it is, indeed, highly controversial. Why?  Because blind faith beliefs are filling the gaps of humunity's forgotten knowledge with tales of forbidden empowerment because, as Will likes to tout, "there's no scientific double blind study disproving an existence that is essentially nonexistent!" :)

Consider this: If you never read about this entity, would you even consider such a force was robbing your consciusness blindly of its power and authority, making you an inept being that is a controlled puppet of pain and doom?   This very idea counters free will as it negates how the Light and Love is the very Essence of existence and Creator.  Can the Creator defy its own nature?  Does that even make sense? 

Why are so willing to conceive and behold such an evil idea?   What does this fear, pain, and corruption hold for you that you are willing to be enslaved to its terrible outcomes?