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Will & Sharon don't shy from the controversy TRUTH is notorious for unearthing. They offer refreshing opportunities for piercing the confusions of modern living by infusing it with Principle that's on-point & to-the-point with issues. All delivered with the expectation of taking action as the goal - otherwise, what's the point? They will take you beyond theories, philosophy, or mere psychology with practical how-to's wedded with insights & TRUTH from their no nonsense awareness gained experientially. They'll take you beyond collecting more knowledge into depths eliciting, "Ah-ha's" which precede behavior changes. In creative & thought provoking conversations & interviews in the realms of business, politics, education, martial arts, and no nonsense Spirituality/Spiritual Wisdom, Will & Sharon will be talking about how-to create harmony & balance in living by piercing the nonsense injected into traditional wisdom thought, social consciousness & business ethics that has so much of humanity searching for answers/wisdom while maintaining a constant spinning of our collective wheels, aka, being in a rut. Isn't it time we stop searching and start dealing with answers we DO HAVE?! Continual searching, while adventurous, is sticky, missing the point of arriving & doing the work of change and productivity itself. Getting ahead of the maddening crowd is done by breaking through the barriers of beliefs and social correctness which belie the very freedoms they promise. This is a thinking person's kind of broadcast of uncensored opinions generated from authentic intelligence & digs deeper into issues than most people without being pedantic, overly intellectual, or vaporous. Expect to have a few good laughs and simple inner smiles dawning unexpectedly the more you tune in to The Edge of TRUTH.

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Do you understand how rituals and devotional practices impact your psyche, your mind, your endorphins, and such? Don't you think having an accurate understanding of such activities is worthy of your knowingness? We do. Are they a means to the end that is claimed or something else? You deserve to know WHAT IS WHAT as compared to what is claimed, imagined, or surmised, yes??! We are growing in maturity regarding our consciousness, spritual roots, and other such facts of our existence. But, are we sufficiently caught up with our understandings that our maturity is begging to be connected with as honest, outright factual understandings without any misleads? We think most people would admit there exists room for improvement in this regared. Most of the population has at some time in their lives come into contact with being involved in some sort of denomination of practices centered upon ritualized devotion. This can be positive as long as the practices don't try to claim an absolute domination of the Spirit's realm and power. Would not a misapply of meaning actually come to be realized as a superstition once it was properly put into perspective with appropriate recognitions? Of course. WHY not be wise and get ahead of this curve, if for no other reason, than you can! If ritual and devotion have become absolutes within the congregation' mind, then the practices would need to come under a serious reality check so as to not have the impact of programing the participants to the point of--let's call a spade a spade and be properly informed-- brainwashing them, which would serve no higher purpose than to keep them in the congregational herd. Is this what you desire? We broadcast for those who answer, "No.", to this question.
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The words spoken, "Ye, are Gods," was mindfully spoken from Pure Awareness. But, it was heard by minds of ignorance and heard by minds confused by separation filters. Inevitably, this clarity and clear information was run through... more

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Hack means to get "under the code" and able to change how it functions. The Code to know is Principle. You're awakening to your subjectivity (what your are doing- more unconsciousl than consciously), and into an objectivity (taking your... more

Today's show continues where we left on 6/5/2016: Are the World's Spiritual Traditions Awakening Humanity or Keeping Them Asleep? We are exploring and exposing how the TRUTH of your existence is being is being crucified as it is... more

Hack means to get "under the code" and able to change how it functions. The Code to know is Principle. Your awakening to your subjectivity (what your are doing- more unconsciousl than consciously), and into an objectivity (taking your... more

As we awaken to the current religious-spiritual situation here on planet earth, we must boldly consider if one is not awake to any degree or not. If they are not will they care about the traditions they are involved in as being accurate or... more

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We have an honest-to-goodness issue or conundrum regarding our Spiritual life, and how very few realize it even exists, let alone that is slowing down their progress. What we don't know has always been a major block to our happiness... more
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