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Will & Sharon don't shy from the controversy TRUTH is notorious for unearthing. They offer refreshing opportunities for piercing the confusions of modern living by infusing it with Principle that's on-point & to-the-point with issues. All delivered with the expectation of taking action as the goal - otherwise, what's the point? They will take you beyond theories, philosophy, or mere psychology with practical how-to's wedded with insights & TRUTH from their no nonsense awareness gained experientially. They'll take you beyond collecting more knowledge into depths eliciting, "Ah-ha's" which precede behavior changes. In creative & thought provoking conversations & interviews in the realms of business, politics, education, martial arts, and no nonsense Spirituality/Spiritual Wisdom, Will & Sharon will be talking about how-to create harmony & balance in living by piercing the nonsense injected into traditional wisdom thought, social consciousness & business ethics that has so much of humanity searching for answers/wisdom while maintaining a constant spinning of our collective wheels, aka, being in a rut. Isn't it time we stop searching and start dealing with answers we DO HAVE?! Continual searching, while adventurous, is sticky, missing the point of arriving & doing the work of change and productivity itself. Getting ahead of the maddening crowd is done by breaking through the barriers of beliefs and social correctness which belie the very freedoms they promise. This is a thinking person's kind of broadcast of uncensored opinions generated from authentic intelligence & digs deeper into issues than most people without being pedantic, overly intellectual, or vaporous. Expect to have a few good laughs and simple inner smiles dawning unexpectedly the more you tune in to The Edge of TRUTH.

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If we are to begin our spiritual journey from a more awakened viewpoint, we need to take a deep pause and reflect on what it is that we are involved in and whether it is has real purpose in our soul. We also need to consider IF what we are invested in, spiritually speaking, is useful to our soul or interferring with that intention. There are so many things to weigh and many things "tugging away at us." Let's sort this out and clarify the facts that matter most in making decisions of the heart and Spirit. A PAUSE is a regrouping of our direction and methods. Are we on track? Are our results wavering or inconsistent? Are there better more useful options we need to consider... Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable
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This is a show about taking action and why it is so hard to do so in a way that gets you the spirtual answer and results you desire. Issues, lack of quality information, and wholism insights block us. Of course, and we're going to make... more

Uncertainty is always problematic. Get a remedy that works at the Spirit-Soul level regarding your existence within Consciousness and being a HUman so life mastery becomes a snap. This is a show about taking action regarding your life... more

We all know the unrest of dealing with something where we just CAN'T DECIDE. It rips us apart when we can't 'lock in' on our answer. That conflict eats away and keeps us in a state of stress. The real issue circles around not having enough of... more

We'll examine and reveal the most important Spiritual Metaphysical question for any person to deal with before they die. This question requires your personal free-will input. ONLY YOU can answer this question for yourself. Some vital... more

Need better Truth Answers and Metaphysical Insights? Divine discontentment may cause you to feel a driving need for more and different answers. But, gee--what IF the answers aren't as you assumed? Your anticipation would be... more

Spiritual monkey wrenches exist. Are you holding any of those in your spiritual toolbox? Tune in and discover IF you are being burdened by having wrong tools that are causing you to inadvertently be undoing yourself or unraveling your life... more

We are having another delightful show with Karen Kinsey from the blog talk show, Metastories. We will be discussing the Soul's purpose from her questions and perspectives. She is a very aware Spirit that is uplifting the... more

Life metaphors are how we relate to life, relationships, and learning about our strengths, weaknesses, potential, and verve. They help us define and relate to meaning. The Big IF in Life is a new thought book introducing thinking people to... more

Listen in for an insightful show today as we interview blogtalkradio host, Karen Kinsey of the Meta-Stories Show where she opens discussion with ordinary people who have extrodinary experiences. She's going to pose questions to Will... more
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