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Will & Sharon don't shy from the controversy TRUTH is notorious for unearthing. They offer refreshing opportunities for piercing the confusions of modern living by infusing it with Principle that's on-point & to-the-point with issues. All delivered with the expectation of taking action as the goal - otherwise, what's the point? They will take you beyond theories, philosophy, or mere psychology with practical how-to's wedded with insights & TRUTH from their no nonsense awareness gained experientially. They'll take you beyond collecting more knowledge into depths eliciting, "Ah-ha's" which precede behavior changes. In creative & thought provoking conversations & interviews in the realms of business, politics, education, martial arts, and no nonsense Spirituality/Spiritual Wisdom, Will & Sharon will be talking about how-to create harmony & balance in living by piercing the nonsense injected into traditional wisdom thought, social consciousness & business ethics that has so much of humanity searching for answers/wisdom while maintaining a constant spinning of our collective wheels, aka, being in a rut. Isn't it time we stop searching and start dealing with answers we DO HAVE?! Continual searching, while adventurous, is sticky, missing the point of arriving & doing the work of change and productivity itself. Getting ahead of the maddening crowd is done by breaking through the barriers of beliefs and social correctness which belie the very freedoms they promise. This is a thinking person's kind of broadcast of uncensored opinions generated from authentic intelligence & digs deeper into issues than most people without being pedantic, overly intellectual, or vaporous. Expect to have a few good laughs and simple inner smiles dawning unexpectedly the more you tune in to The Edge of TRUTH.

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If you are Spiritually searching you may have a tendency to think a few changes such as your diet, some yoga and maybe meditation are the mix that are going to get you closer to your Spiritual Source connection. This has been a formula that has been put in motion by thousands of people on the planet because it seems to be based in tradition. Tradition is just that, what has gone before and seems to be what one should be practicing so they may find their way home. One of the things people practicing tradition tend to get caught in is, everyone passing it on to you seems to portray whatever practice they are involved as "the Way" This attitude tends to lead people into rabbit holes of being disgusted, disappointment, and distraction. What is needed is to not be caught up in the tradition, whatever it may to the point that you become locked down in the rituals that you are practicing as the only way. Our Eternal connection is actually not caught up in any tradition or practice, how could it be if it is the gateway to Eternity or the opposite to the relative changes that people align with being spiritual. If we keep :piling on" with more techniques, books, and beliefs, how can we expect to open to the Infinite? We need to shed our conditioning, beliefs and practices as if they are going awaken us to the Transparency of our ego self so we can see through our tendency to find answers for our mind which will go on searching forever and never allow us to see existence as it is in its pristine exquisite simplicity. This is a simple turning of our attention not to just turn invward, but a transcendence of the mind's tendency to stay in a critical, discursive dialogue to continually compare objects of attention, whether they seem internal or external, and thus keep one trapped in the mind's search for meaning. Happy to have you join us, Sharon Quinn, Will Gable
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