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no business giving charity donations for they will think they can run things. don't believe me? ask the catholic church. f#$ck plan parenthood too. Economy "likely" ok. yes..."likely".

Newt an insider or outsider? Does the people not really know who Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, or Rick Santorum is? Ron Paul is the outsider and I am here to tell you why...again.

population voter accountable for their actions. Who is an insider and who is not an insider? Word game is being played over and over.

Newt Gingrich pisses and moans about the media. yet...his party uses the same tactics on one of their own everyday. just ask fox & friends, bill o'reilly, or sean hannity.

A show with a commonsense value." That's all I am going to say about that"- Forest Gump

powergrabs and the attacks to discredit Ron Paul. The fight continues and the mainstream continues to be the mouthpiece for the establishment. Don't be fooled with the left or right as the both come full circle.

$477 Billion Jobs bill coming our way. What will it accomplish? Absolutely NOTHING. Sorry welfare addicts...

If the government cares so much about the "WELFARE" of the people...then why is it illegal in some states to feed the homeless?

pope had some words about the fued between Tea Party and Teamsters. That's sweet...Run along now children...get back to class and everyone just get along.

Hoffa and Teamsters acting like pranksters. Tea Party name calling and yet..no jobs. Economy on the line and all we do is talk shit to one another. WOW...now that's progress. Or progressive if you look at it one way. Outsourcing... more