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Jerry Wm Bowers Jr

The Greatest Story Never Told


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We are not in the End Times/Last Days as taught by Mainstream Christianity. Please join us each week as we explore the Biblical fundamentals behind all scripture related to these End Times/Last Days and how Christian & Political Zionists have corrupted both the text & understanding of these End Times/Last Days messages. We'll be discussing Religion, Eschatology, Preterism, Armageddon, The Second Coming of Christ, Resurrection, Rapture & all things related to The Last Days listed in the Scriptures. We're also showing what has, is, and continues to result from the failure of rightfully dividing & applying the correct understanding of the End Times scriptures in the Bible. Those working on, in & with the Zionist State of Israel to build this physical Temple, are not building it to the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. These are of the same class as those Christ stood in front of and condemned, saying "You neither know me, nor my Father" AND "You are of your father the devil" Too many are fooled by those who say they are Jews, but are not, and are of the Synagogue of Satan! They're building the EXACT SAME system he came to show irrelevant and not of God. Why ANY true believer of a God who inhabits US, his Temple, support this in any way, is beyond me.

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WE ARE NOT IN THE END TIMES! This is the biggest LIE, HOAX and SCAM ever perpetuated on mankind. Religion, Government, and the Media are on a continual march towards a 1 world government, order, religion & currency,... more

Join us as we go a bit beyond the meaning & definition of our A.R.T.S. of F.E.A.R. and show you what Christianity has created by not accepting that the Bible’s Last Days & End Times as 1st century facts, events & history; but has continually... more

Please join us this week as we dive further into the exploration and application of these A.R.T.S. of F.E.A.R. We've asked Terry Cropper & Kenneth Drake Busby to rejoin us this week, hoping that I've figured out the switchbaord and commercial... more

Fulfilled Eschatology & 1st Century History presents the Maninstream Christian with a Preterist perspective on Revelation, the Olivet Discourse and Futurist Fundamental Christianity. The Death & Resurrection of Jesus demonstrate the... more
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