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Ed Boston has broadcast over 1,100 shows here on Blog Talk Radio. As we relaunch we want to address how we can all do things to show God's love to the world in many different ways.

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Good evening and welcome to this special Good Friday edition of Ed Boston Evangelistic Outreach for April 18th 2014. Today is a somber day for believers in Jesus Christ, despite the name ?Good Friday? is the day in we we in the... more

After a well known former professional wrestler appeared on television 3 days in a row, and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, The Ultimate Warrior unexpectedly died the very next day. Today we will examine the passage in the... more

Today, we will look back to the first few weeks of the newly revamped Ed Boston Evangelistic Outreach. We will also hit on a couple of current event topics.

Former Congressman, LTC Allen West joins us as our guest this week.

Early in 2006, David A.R.White became a founding partner in the film distribution/production entity PURE FLIX ENTERTAINMENT. Today, Pure Flix maintains its position as the number one Christian studio, producing and... more

Rachel Eddins and Ed Boston are co-owners of Cardinal Way Training. They are both Certified Fitness Trainers, and will be discussing our bodies, God's Temple, and how we can take care of ourselves. 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 16 Don't... more

Join us as we interview Gregg Hunter. In a world where news headlines are made up of teen suicides, horrific bullying stories and economic downfall – SUMMER CAMP provides a judgment-free zone where kids can be kids. They... more

Ed Boston Evangelistic Outreach, formerly DTRT Ministries will once again show our presence here on Blog Talk Radio. Having done over 1100 shows, Ed Boston will bring his experience and passion back to the airwaves.

DTRT Wrestling News presents it's Impact Wrestling post-show. Taking a look at what happened on this week's broadcast from a storyline aspect and behind the scenes industry news. Hosted by Ed Boston