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TIPS for Child Care: Eating My Elephant!


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Shawntel Green Is, Serial Entrepreneur, Single Mama of 8, Home School Mom of 2, Housing Teens and Tots, Track Star Mama, blogging here to discuss how to keep it moving! With a full plate - taking the advice of the African Proverb, "the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time". Reaching out through passionate rants tackling the social dynamic of success and through Wisdom Bites, TIPS and Secrets of how to laugh in the face of economic hardships. Come discuss with me as I show you how I made my 360 degree transformation as the Sequester Rebel.

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God we thank you for this day, an opportunity to be better than yesterday a chance to exemplify what you have granted us in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Another moment to be a humble blessing to someone and be used to in humbling firm as someone as someone assigned to me blesses me. Father GOD I thank you for another day that has been anointed and ordained as I am obedient to your call reaching out to whom you know needs a word today. Thank you God for each of our unique walks, loved by you, directed by you and used for your perfect will. Thank you father for not counting us out although we fall short of perfection daily. You are God alone and we are thankful to be in your presences. In Jesus name amen. Each episode will challenge us to testify in the mist of our 90 days of: Gratitude Supernatural Blessings Walking In Expectation Gratitude Through Daily Testimonials
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I am a humble single parent of eight children, the owner and developer of TIPS for Child Care,, Fresh Trainings R Us, and JAi Hiring. I have a passion for quality training for professionals serving children,... more

Often times people are wondering what it "takes" to be Shawntel Green, a single mom of 8 children, CEO of TIPS for Child Care Institute and JAI Hiring. I must admit I do not think of "what it takes" to do anything. I am not sure if this is "lack... more

On this episode of embracing my journey, morning inspiration Shawntel Green will be discussing Still Water Blessings. Giving a personal testimonial about her most recent Still Water Blessing and how the power of manifistation is real. When life... more

Serial Entrepreneur, Single Mama of Seven, Home School Mom of 2, Housing Teens and Tots, Track Star Mama is here on Blog Talk Radio to discusses how to keep it moving - living through the mantra "one monkey don't stop no show!"... more

Anything you would ever want to know about the world of Childhood Education. Advocacy, Criteria, Conferences, Regulations and Vendors all in one show tune in today done with passion and wit.
Shawntel Green

The Elephant In The Room

  • by Shawntel Green
Wow, another family member has moved into my already too small apartment. We are feeling the economic struggles of our era, with state jobs being cut my family has a generation of state employees that did not put away for a rainy day... more
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