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Is it a bird?????? Is it a plane??????? Holy....sweet mother of little baby Jesus Navas its a God damn show. That's right....don't adjust the dial on your wirless old bean. Guru and Mart actually do a show and talk football.

Following a short stint in Panto.....Smokin Scott, The Guru and Only1Mart return with what can only be described as their most NON-PG, PG Show. This week they manage to talk more football than they have in a long time. The weekends... more

This week's show see's the return of The Guru......without a drinkstable in sight Mr orifice. Unfortunately the software cut us of prematurely.....but no more premature than Scott's first load tomorrow. PS......We do talk more football this week. The... more

Abscence makes the heart grow fonder........ In the abscence of @TheGuru1988, @xTIPxScott and @Only1Mart attempt to break down 2013. In true Scott and Mart fashion it is a complete drunken cluster *!@!*.. Enjoy.

Thanks to one generous listener....We're gonna be rich. If you send us your bank account number & sort code. Amongst the jubilation we discuss Kanus real age, the weekends football and a dose of random shit just for the abscent Scott.... more

This show is just for Mr Rage....honest As if by magic the 'Three Amigo's' are back in mid-week action. Guru has sobered up, Scott is fresh and clean and Mart has been released from physio. This week we're a little sketchy on... more

This week Guru and Mart review the weekends Premier League fixtures. The battle for Englands No.1, ineffective S&S, West Ham v Aston Villa happened and I'm sure we laugh at Spurs. We also hold out for our Fantasy Football 'Hero'

It's all about the pre-show....I'm not even sure if that's a euphemism or not. This week we talk the hub goal, Aaron (I want your babies) Ramsey and a little Arsenal. Was it or was it not a goal for Chelsea, Eto is still an elephant waiting... more

This week Guru is absent with the red screen of whilst he hits hits laptop repeatedly with a hammer, join Smokin Scott and Mart as they round up this weeks (EPL) Premier League Football and they even venture out into the... more