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Bank Foreclosure Fraud -My Federal Class Action Lawsuit Against GMAC

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We have some BOMBSHELL information to discuss with you!! ... and hopefully can help you understand how to stop these BANKSTERS from STEALING your home. I am still in my home after 2 1/2 years since I stopped paying on an 'alleged' loan from GMAC. Last week Alan and I read from our State lawsuit against GMAC and this week we are going to read some from our Federal CLASS ACTION lawsuit which we are getting ready to file against GMAC, (unless they happen to accept the "Counter Offer" I sent to GMAC October 1st), and we'll be talking about the RICO suit on the "US Government" for doing favors for the Bankd and in particular helping GMAC steal the house my Grampa built 70 years ago. The US OWNS 37% of GMAC, and therefore their US Trustee's for the BAnkruptcy Courts are Disqualified for conflict of interest as they have an interest in the outcome of the profits of their stocks. We all know that GMAC got a HUGE bailout.... and these bailouts are nothing more than BIG MOB BOSSES paying off drug cartels and fake terrorists... while they force people out of their homes and into the streets .... We can surely interchange the word terrorist with the word government in every aspect of our security and happiness. We'll discuss the 'Unconstitutionality' element of foreclosures along with all the recent hype about the courts stopping evictions across America until the banks are investigated. We have been investigating them ourselves fro a couple of years and we have found not only fraud but a conspiracy written into most mortgage contracts in their standard forms. If you are being threatened by the bank, the courts, the sheriffs, or have already been forced out of your home, or know someone else who is dealing with bank fraud... You DON"T want to MISS this SHOW! I'll take a few calls in the second hour.. and we'll be posting some links in the liwe chat.. so call in or text chat your questions and comments. See y'all there!