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The Mask does not Wear the Man In Personam ...Jurisdiction [Latin, Against the person.] A lawsuit seeking a judgment to be enforceable specifically against an individual person.

e* just-us standing "In Itinere" "On Eyre" Ro@dSkuul

Forced out of family legacy, right before the holidays - Foreclosure FRAUD

  • by earthicastar
We are not talking about flipping houses here, this is my family legacy.. (or was).. now it is just leverage because criminal banksters with guns backing them up can pretty much buy everyone involved.. The sheriff posted a FOURTH Notice to... more

Join earthica*star and her special guests. Do you believe that you are free? We'll be discussing the Indoctrination of the Supreme Kangaroo Coup, Magi's, Divinity Hijackers. Impersonators - Kidnappers. Learn who you truly are, a divine... more

I hereby revoke and deny my consent, whether implicit, implied, presumed or otherwise, to be subjected to any statutory rule, regulation, code, ordinance, by-law, act, resolution, executive order, treaty, adhesion contract or any other... more

Global control starts with the tri city state. London, Vatican City and Washington DC control All LAW. The COURTS are the strong arm of the bank the church and the military Secret intelligence is filtered down through control organizations... more

There are many names for 'denying the imaginary system' or it's application to ourselves or 'self determination' ...some are even calling themselves 'Sovereign/Citizen", (which is an oxymoron... Sovereign = King, citizen = subject... more

Guess who's getting screwed? Don't let these liars and users force you out of your home. Expose the Courts doing favors for the bank. It's time for us all to serve them up a big ol mess'o RICO and Orders to Cease and Desist

We'll be continuing our discussion from last week. The RICO lawsuit we read from last week was filed on Friday, (yesterday) We'll be discussing that and more on bank fraud, foreclosure and court corruption.

We have some BOMBSHELL information to discuss with you!! ... and hopefully can help you understand how to stop these BANKSTERS from STEALING your home. I am still in my home after 2 1/2 years since I stopped paying on an... more