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JOURNEY TO THE EXTREME EDGE OF REALITY. Join Steve Shaman as he hosts an adventurous talk radio show that travels into the strange world of the unknown. Discover what the "Mainstream Media" isn't telling you,because you won't believe what you don't know!

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Award Winning Film Maker Patty Greer discusses her latest Crop Circle Documentary "Crop Circles-2010 Update-The Wake Up Call" which was recently honored with two EBE Awards at the 2010 International UFO Congress... more

In July, 1940 the R.C.M. ST. ROCH a schooner built for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to serve as a supply ship for isolated, far-flung Arctic detachments, began a 27 month expedition that would take the ship and it's crew... more

Have you bumped into something that seems so bizarre or unbelievable, yet, you know you are certain it did arise? You are seeking for an explanation but no matter how much you have tried, you could not hit upon any answer? Even... more

Life can often throw a vicious punch at the least expected time. Are we confused, bewildered or searching for concrete answers to life's deepest questions? Best Selling Author Dani Shapiro will discuss five important lessons that will help us... more

A heartfelt story that celebrates the resilience and power of women’s friendships. Describing charming pastiche of e-mails, hand-written childhood letters, third-person narration, photographs, illustration, and more than 80 recipes to... more
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Recipe Club

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Andrea Israel...Nancy GarfinkelJanuary 7, 2010Airtime: 11am EST, 10am CST**Program Update** Nancy Garfinkel will be our solo guest. Andrea Israel is not feeling well and will be unable to participate in this interview. PROGRAM... more

There is a New Age evolving, and it’s maturing into a much more sophisticated version than the crystal-crazed 80’s we once knew. With the onset of terrorism, economic collapse and environmental disaster,its time for the return of the New... more
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New Age Evolution

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Teena Booth Screenwriter,Novelist,Journalist December 17, 2009 Airtime: 10am CST, 9am MST Program Notes There is a New Age evolving, and it's maturing into a much more sophisticated version than the crystal-crazed 80's we once... more

Simple yet Extraordinary, the Great Pyramid of Egypt was Designed and Built to Represent the Greatest Wonder of all...Human Civilization. Gain a Spiritual Perspective on the Last Remaining Wonder of the Ancient World, the Ancient... more
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