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Earth Ancients: Startling New Discoveries from our Planets Distant Past, airs each Saturday and is hosted by author/archeo-investigator Cliff Dunning. The podcast features information and news on a wide variety of subjects based on ancient known and unknown Earth civilizations. As the former program director for Whole Life Expositions - the world's largest conference on ancient civilizations, native traditions, and anomalous archaeological discoveries, Cliff presents each program from its most compelling perspective, providing the listener with his investigative analysis which comes from years of research and investigation. Cliff has accumulated a great deal of insight from numerous trips to the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula Mexico, home to the ancient Mayan civilization, where he continues to work closely with the elders in that region. Traveling around the world, he has a keen interest in the ancient civilizations of Central and South America. He's a member of Institute of Maya Studies, based in Miami, Florida.

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One of the Worlds' greatest archaeological mysteries, one which has excited man's imagination for countless centuries, is whether ancient Sea Peoples from the Old World were actually able, and did, cross the Oceans to make contact and trade with the indigenous populations of the New World. Ample evidence in the way of seeds, fruits, pollen, flaura and fauna - even the occasional human skeleton - and inscriptions suggest some form of contact but there has never been absolute, substantiated proof of a diffusion between Nations of the Old and New World. The Author's tenacious and relentless belief that a Culture other than the Nasca constructed the 'Nasca Lines' archaeological monument had an unexpected twist - his discovery of a massive Phoenician inscription actually enscribed within the 'Nasca Lines' itself. Then discovery of a colossal rock sculpture in the form of a 'Sacred Lamb' surrounded by Phoenician inscriptions rapidly moved the research area into the High Altiplano of the Southern Andes Mountains: there the author discovered an ancient astronomical observatory, a vast Landscape Planetarium, a Scriptorium - the largest area of ground based Phoenician inscriptions ever found in Peru, a Plaza of rock carved Human Heads and finally the coup d'grace - a 300 kilometer "Great Highway" embellished with human head statues, gorgons,carvings of flaura and fauna and an abundance of Phoenician inscriptive material. William James Veall was educated at The Queen Mary Grammar School, Basingstoke, England. He studied engineering at Basingstoke and Southampton Colleges of Technology, and read Environmental Science, Archaeology and Spanish at the University of Southampton, UK.
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