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Earth Ancients: Startling New Discoveries from our Planets Distant Past, airs each Saturday and is hosted by author/archeo-investigator Cliff Dunning. The podcast features information and news on a wide variety of subjects based on ancient known and unknown Earth civilizations. As the former program director for Whole Life Expositions - the world's largest conference on ancient civilizations, native traditions, and anomalous archaeological discoveries, Cliff presents each program from its most compelling perspective, providing the listener with his investigative analysis which comes from years of research and investigation. Cliff has accumulated a great deal of insight from numerous trips to the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula Mexico, home to the ancient Mayan civilization, where he continues to work closely with the elders in that region. Traveling around the world, he has a keen interest in the ancient civilizations of Central and South America. He's a member of Institute of Maya Studies, based in Miami, Florida.

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The Chauvet cave was painted approximately 30,000 years ago and the dreams were buried and sealed for 20,000 years by a land slide.The site and its contents were discovered in 1994 and rocked the world! Now, other images that appear to have been hidden within the paintings have been found that seem to reveal specific designs and intentional masking which may tell a story, or message, that could be massively important from an artistic and historical point of view. What could these images be telling us? How do they offer a connection to the foundation of the ancient Egyptian culture? One Image appears to link from the cave to Seti the 1st's tomb which could only have been done by the handing down of stories within tradition! Is there evidence that reveals a connection to Ra, the ‘creative power'? Could this be the source of what was to become the ancient Egyptians and other cultures? Steve Meads is originaly from the UK, but has lived in France, Hong Kong and the Philippines. He feels that he is living a life of constant discovery and relishes learning and experiencing new things. Over the years he has been involved in the paranormal fileds, which includes the so called 'ghost and UFO hunts'. He has held the position of lead investigator for almost 5 years with a local group.
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