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Channel Earth 2017

Holonomy, whole systems and a common law introduction to natural time.


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Bilingual Noosphere Campaign to Decriminalize the Nation(s) ! A REAL-TIME Planetary perspective & the future of social reform - the complete game plan. The holonomic contents of this channel strikes to the core of every facet of life on earth today. Thanks for tuning in, we are eager to hear from you.

On-Demand Episodes

Lucky Man to make the Grade! "I read the news today oh' boy..." Best of Willamette Weekly 7.25.12 PAN Portland Early days to Current events Epoch Times Review Social Forms & Special Events Day out of Time +1 Hosted by... more

Summer Suns Rememberd... Cosmic Moon, Dali 22, Kin 51 - Calahoun Chuen' PAN Portland 1996-1998 Grounding a Global Movement Space Station, Spectral Nation Planet Art Network - PAN :D Coast to Coast Security Achievements &... more

Earth Family Orchestration Polar Family Cardinal Family Core Family Signal Family Gateway Family Hosted by: PAN Agent 67 Sponsored by: Jason G. Gibson http://www.laborlocals.upcsites.org

Introducing the Rinri Project... > Fractal Time Compression Synchronic Hopscotch Overtone Chromatics Bio-Mass Constant Solar Science Sun Spot Cycles White Rhythmic Year of the Earth Wizards Crystal Moon Alpha 5, Kin 6... more

Magos de la Tierra A Bilingual Teaching Program Featuring the work of Dr. Jose' Arguelles Hosted by: P.A.N. Agent 57 Crystal Moon>Dali 1>>Kin 2>>> Website http://www.splashwebs.org Sponsored by: The Columbia River~Care-Providers... more

The Journey of TimeShip Earth 2013! Dreamspell Cosmogenesis Solar Seals & Soul Evolution Spiral Time 13:20 Arcturus Probe Star Histories Interplanetary Relations Hosted by: P.A.N. Agent 57 Sponsored by: Jason G. Gibson

The Journey of TimeShip Earth 2013! Defining 13:20 Time Tzolkin Architecture Information Biology Time is the 4th Dimension Wavespell Structure SuperMental Orientation Hosted by: Jason G. Gibson

Crystal Roundtable Discussion* Spectral Alpha 26 Blue Crystal Storm - Kin 259 Harmonic 65: Crystal Matrix Self-Generating Chromatic Religion & World Language Hosted by: P.A.N. Agent 57 Co Hosted by: P.A.N. Agent 15... more

Introducing the DreamSpell Cosmogenesis Natural Time 13:20 DreamSpell Cosmology Tzolkin Harmonics Synchronic Order Applied Time~Science Featuring Jose and Lloydine Arguelles Earth Wizard Seminary 98'-99'