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If you have listeners on your content and have not enabled our RevEngine for your show, you are likely leaving potential earnings on the table. Learn more about our unique podcast revenue solution and activate your podcast now.

"The team has consistently worked with me to maximize revenue opportunities, and to pair my show with sponsors that are a great fit for me and my audience. They’re a wonderful partner in this endeavor, and I’m very grateful for everything they do."
Seth Andrews, Host of The Thinking Atheist

How does it work?

  • Move your Podcast to our platform

    Choose a podcast publishing plan that works for you and publish without limits. Import all of your content in one click and redirect your RSS Feed without disrupting your subscribers. If you would like to maintain your current podcast hosting provider, we may be able to help you too. Contact us.
  • Tell us where you want to insert ad opportunities

    Use our point-and-click ad insertion tool on all past and upcoming episodes once per episode.
  • We’ll expose your ad inventory to our buyer network

    Expose your content to our vast and growing pool of sponsors who are interested in buying both host reads and spot ads on podcasts. We’ll work with you to match the best sponsors to your audience.
  • Every Download & Stream is Monetizable

    Whether your listener is downloading via the Apple podcasts app, other podcatchers, your embed player shared on social media, or on your site, we can help you monetize their activity.
  • Campaigns are Dynamically Executed. In Real-time

    Our dynamic ad insertion system will execute the best paying ads to the the right listeners in real time to maximize earnings across your entire catalog not just your new episodes, wherever you allow them to appear, without you doing any editing.
  • Earn the lion’s share of revenues in perpetuity

    Our platform and demand network matches your slots with bids from advertisers. You keep at least 60% of revenues for audio ads. You can continue to earn revenues from your entire content catalog as long as it keeps getting listened to.

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  4. Profit!


BlogTalkRadio's (BTR) Revenue Engine is designed to provide you, the BTR host, a simple way to earn revenues from your podcasts. The way this program works is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. BTR uses its connections and negotiating power to secure advertisers and sponsors for your BTR channel and podcasts on terms favorable to you;
  2. BTR takes care of all the necessary legal and business details, and works with you to create successful advertising campaigns that do not compromise your editorial integrity; and
  3. You receive your share of net advertising revenues earned against your BTR channel and podcasts shortly after BTR is paid by the advertisers and sponsors.

The key advantage of the BTR Revenue Engine is that it frees you to focus on your audience and content. While you work to improve your podcasts and develop promotional techniques to grow your audience, BTR will take the lead to seek new and emerging opportunities to gain sponsors and monetize your content across all available distribution channels. Our focus will be on maximizing your potential earnings through sponsorships and advertising campaigns that are based on terms favorable to you.

Even if you are a host who has pre-existing advertiser or sponsor relationships, the BTR Revenue Engine can work for you. Please see the section of this REA on pre-existing sponsors and advertisers.

As we welcome you into this program, we believe it important for you to be aware that the podcast advertising and sponsorship market is in its formative stages and much of the focus remains on podcasts with high audience numbers. Given these circumstances, it is likely that your revenue numbers will be small in the beginning, but they will gradually grow as your audience increases and your podcasts gain credibility with advertisers and sponsors. Our goal is to support you on this journey of growth and success.

BTR views its primary role as a service provider to podcasters and, as such, we strive to grow our business through fair dealings with podcasters. If you have any feedback on this REA, please do not hesitate to write us at legal@blogtalkradio.com.


For you to participate in the BTR Revenue Engine, we require that you read and agree to the terms of this REA. When you enroll in the BTR Revenue Engine, you acknowledge your agreement to be bound by this REA (even if it is inconsistent other information you have read.) Please ask us any questions you may have about this REA before you enroll in the BTR Revenue Engine, and please don't enroll in the BTR Revenue Engine unless you agree with the terms of this REA.

To make things clear, all capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this REA are defined in the BTR Terms of Use located on the BTR website. We consider the BTR Terms of Use to be part of this REA, and you acknowledge that you agree to them by continued use of our platform.

BTR reserves the right to change the terms of this REA, but will notify you (by announcement on the BTR website or your Host Tools) if we do so.


Placement of the BTR player or the BTR widget on any websites or blogs that are owned and/or controlled by you is required for your participation in the BTR Revenue Engine. You also agree to use the BTR RSS Feed for the syndication of your content to channels like iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher and other emerging syndication sources.

The reason we require you to use the BTR player or widget and BTR RSS Feed is that it allows our systems to obtain complete and accurate data documenting audience activity of Your Content wherever it is distributed. We then use this data to negotiate better terms with sponsors and advertisers on your behalf.


This REA applies to all visual, audio and video advertisements, including live reads, promotions and all other sponsored audio and video segments, served in connection with Your Content on the BTR website and via BTR owned or strategic partner applications (including the BTR player or widgets) and your audio content syndicated via BTR RSS Feeds (the “Ads”). Excluded from this REA is any visual advertising you feature on websites owned solely by you or other monetization instruments you are applying outside of Your Content.

You acknowledge that once you enroll in the BTR Revenue Engine, only BTR and employees hired by you to perform sales and advertising duties (excluding third party independent contractors) are allowed to secure new advertisers and sponsors for Your Content distributed via the BTR website, BTR owned applications (including the BTR player or widgets) and BTR RSS Feeds. For purposes of clarity, all sales and sponsorship inquiries emerging from communications to you via the BTR website will be deemed as BTR generated opportunities.

You agree to promptly notify BTR of new advertisers and sponsors that you secure for Your Content. You also agree that all Ads will be created and executed using BTR's advertising systems and/or practices. To facilitate the terms of this REA, you agree to route all sponsorship inquiries to revengine@blogtalkradio.com for proper handling.

You further acknowledge that even though BTR will undertake all reasonable efforts to do so, we can't guarantee success in securing advertisers or sponsors for Your Content. The process of signing advertisers and sponsors will be largely determined by the size and composition of Your Content's audience and the current state of the podcasting advertising and sponsorship marketplace.

BTR will handle all communications with advertisers and sponsors secured under this REA, leaving you free to work on Your Content. If at any time you want to discuss the Ads, please reach out to the BTR Revenue team via revengine@blogtalkradio.com.

Please note that the terms of this REA have been drafted to facilitate BTR's efforts to maximize the total earning potential of Your Content, and are in no way intended to limit your earnings.


Enrollment in the BTR Revenue Engine should work well for you even if you have pre-existing agreements with sponsors or advertisers for Your Content. BTR will not interfere with or seek any revenues related to these pre-existing advertising or sponsorship agreements, but once you are enrolled in the program, you will need to give us notice of your intent to continue fulfilling these pre-existing obligations (by emailing revengine@blogtalkradio.com) and use BTR provided processes and technologies to do so. You will remain responsible for communicating with and collecting advertising revenues from your pre-existing sponsors and advertisers.

In the event that your enrollment in the BTR Revenue Engine results in BTR locating an alternative sponsor willing to pay higher revenues for Your Content than a pre-existing sponsor, you agree under this REA to allow the substitution of the alternative sponsor for your pre-existing sponsor and to cooperate with and facilitate BTR's efforts to secure a sponsorship agreement with the alternative sponsor.


There are two types of Ads that can be served by BTR in connection with Your Content: (1) Visual Ads consisting Text and Banner Ads (“Visual Ads”), which are displayed throughout the BTR website and on other BTR-owned properties and applications, and (2) Audio and Video Ads (“Audio/Video Ads”), which are served within Your Audio Content on the BTR website, in BTR players and widgets and in Your Content distributed to syndicated distribution channels via your BTR RSS feed. The Visual Ads and Audio/Video Ads will be produced in standard formats as offered generally by BTR from time to time.

BTR will be responsible for when and how often Visual Ads are run, as well as where Visual Ads are placed on the BTR website and on other BTR-owned properties and applications. Each time a listener clicks, views, or takes a subsequent action following exposure to a Visual Ad adjacent to Your Content featured within the BTR website and on other BTR-owned properties and applications ("Ad Click" or “Ad Impression”), you are eligible to earn revenues in accordance with this REA and any applicable advertising agreements.

The terms of individual sponsorship and advertising contracts will determine when and how often Audio/Video Ads are run. You will make all determinations as to where Audio/Video Ads are integrated into Your Content to prevent disruptions to your editorial integrity. While BTR will make all reasonable efforts to preview and prevent poorly crafted Audio/Visual Ads from being featured in Your Content, the automated and “real-time” nature of large-scale advertisement serving technologies significantly limits BTR's efforts in this regard. If you become aware of an Ad that conflicts with BTR's editorial policies or is offensive to your editorial integrity, please report the Ad to badads@blogtalkradio.com. The BTR Revenue Team will promptly investigate the Ad and take necessary action on a moving forward basis.

BTR may offer you special sponsorship or advertising opportunities where you will be required to read Ads. BTR will present these opportunities to you and if you agree to accept these types of sponsorships, BTR's Revenue Team will assist you in recording your Ads.


BTR serves Visual Ads and Audio/Video Ads through advertisement insertion software (the “BTR Ad Software”) used to embed Ads in or display them in connection with Your Content. You acknowledge that BTR (and not you) owns the BTR Ad Software and all technology (including services, processes, and algorithms) and intellectual property related to it. You also agree that you do not have any right to use the BTR Ad Software for purposes that are not stated in this REA, and you will not copy or attempt to reproduce it.


BTR uses tag information and the BTR Ad Software (as well as conversions and other metrics generated or obtained by BTR) to track and measure Ad Clicks and Ad Impressions. These Ad Clicks and Ad Impressions determine the amount of revenues paid to BTR by advertisers it secures to sponsor the Ads. The revenues received by BTR from these advertisers are reduced by fees and expenses related to creating and serving the Ads (“Net Revenues”).


BTR's business goal is to help build a thriving podcasting eco-system where creators are the dominant beneficiaries of their hard work. With this goal in mind, this REA has been drafted to allow you to earn the majority of the revenues earned against Your Content.

By participating in the BTR Revenue Engine and complying with this REA, your share of the Net Revenues earned against Your Content during your enrollment in the program will be calculated as follows:

Visual Ads - You will receive 35% of Net Revenues received by BTR for Visual Ads served in connection with Your Content on the BTR website and BTR owned applications. This revenue share does not apply to advertisements you run on your own websites adjacent to Your Content, which will remain solely managed and controlled by you.

Audio/Video Ads – For Audio/Video Ads served in connection with Your Content on the BTR Site and BTR owned applications, and in downloads served across syndication channels fed via your BTR RSS Feed, you will receive 60% of Net Revenues received by BTR for Audio/Video Ads and sponsorships secured by BTR on your behalf, and 80% of Net Revenues received for Audio/Video Ads and sponsorships secured by you or by employees hired by you to perform sales and advertising duties. We believe that Audio/Video Ads will become the dominant revenue source for podcasters and have weighted the revenue share terms in this REA to give podcasters the majority of this major element.


BTR will determine the Net Revenues due to you from valid Ad Clicks and Ad Impressions displayed in connection with Your Content on a monthly basis. Your portion of Net Revenues will accrue in United States Dollars and will generally be deposited into your BTR account ("Account") no later than 45 days after the end of the month in which the Ad Clicks and Ad Impressions are processed. BTR is only obligated to pay Net Revenues to you, via a Paypal account, if and when the balance in your Account accumulates to a value of $20 over any timeframe (an “Eligible Balance”). You will receive payment of the Eligible Balance at the end of the monthly cycle when it has become eligible for disbursement pursuant to this paragraph. It is BTR's sincere hope that your participation in the BTR Revenue Engine earns you a great deal more than $20 (and we will do our best to help you maximize your earnings).

If for some reason you don't agree with BTR's calculation of Net Revenues deposited to your Account under this REA, please email revengine@blogtalkradio.com with your concerns. In the spirit of trust and disclosure required to establish what we hope to be a trustworthy working relationship, BTR will respond by providing you with a print-out of the data it used to calculate your share of the Net Revenues (“Net Revenue Data”), and attempting (within reason) to resolve any disagreement. It is our intention to provide transparency to BTR hosts concerning the revenues generated by advertisements and sponsorships, and we are happy to take on the administrative tasks related to disclosure. However, given the high burden imposed by having to render the Net Revenue Data into accessible form, you acknowledge that BTR will be obligated to provide the Net Revenue Data to you only once per calendar year. If you have a concern that is not resolved by the Net Revenue Data provided to you and seek to pursue a further inquiry into the matter, you agree to bear the cost of BTR's investigation.

Please review your Account information on occasion to keep it current so that there are no difficulties in receiving the Net Revenues due to you under this REA. You agree that BTR will not be held responsible for Net Revenues it is unable to remit to you due to inaccurate Account information, or insufficient accrual of Net Revenues to the target value of $20 set forth in this REA. You agree to pay all taxes or charges owed to the IRS or your state taxing authority in connection with the Net Revenues you receive from BTR.

BTR acknowledges and agrees that so long as Your Content continues to earn sufficient Net Revenues under the terms of this REA, and we have current Account information allowing us to locate you, we will continue to pay your share of Net Revenues that accrue to an Eligible Balance. This commitment stands even if you cease uploading new content to the BTR website.


In the event you are exposed during the pendency of this REA to the inner workings of any of BTR's business processes, you agree to keep this information confidential and not to disclose it to any third parties. This obligation shall continue even if you no longer participate in the BTR Revenue Engine.


Your participation in the BTR Revenue Engine and agreement to the terms of this REA do not make you an employee of BTR, and you acknowledge that you and BTR do not have an employer/employee relationship of any kind whatsoever. You further acknowledge that any Net Revenues you receive under the terms of this REA do not constitute wages or compensation for work you have performed for BTR.


Your enrollment in the BTR Revenue Engine will be automatically renewed on an annual basis until either you or BTR give 30 days prior written notice to the other that you will no longer participate in the program.


BTR considers it a privilege that you are choosing to participate in the BTR Revenue Engine. We take the opportunity to monetize Your Content on the BTR website (and syndicated channels) very seriously and will do our best to make the program work well for everyone involved. That being said, your compliance with this REA must include the following:

  • Please don't generate invalid Ad Clicks or Ad Impressions (either by hand, bots, automated programs or similar devices). Invalid Ad Clicks or Ad Impressions are those which (i) originate from your IP addresses or computers under your control, (ii) are solicited by payment of money, false representation or requests for end users to click on Ads, or (iii) are co-mingled with a significant number of invalid clicks.
  • Please avoid using material in Your Content that breaches any term of this REA or the BTR Terms of Use.
  • Please refrain from any fraudulent, misleading or false activities.
  • Please be complete, accurate and timely in your notifications to us concerning new advertisers and sponsors that you or your employees have secured on your behalf.

BTR reserves the right to withhold or deduct payment of Net Revenues due to you, or to suspend or otherwise disable your Account, pending BTR's reasonable investigation of the actions noted above or any breach by you of this REA. Also, if any advertiser or sponsor defaults on payment to BTR for Ads displayed in connection with Your Content, BTR will not be obligated to pay you your share of the Net Revenues until the default is cured and payment is received.

Payment Terms

You will be eligible for a payment once you have accrued at least $20.00 in revenue, paid to your PayPal account on file. We rollover any earnings less than $20. For example, if your January earnings total $18 and February's add up to $13, we'll pay you $31 for the February period.

Payments are made about 45 days after the end of the accrual month. We calculate the accrual 30 days after the end of the month and then generally the payout date is the 15th of the month. Following our example, if your earnings accrued at the end of February, you will be paid $31 around April 15th.

You have to read and agree BlogTalkradio Revenue Sharing Agreement.