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Today, only the top 8% of podcasts qualify for monetization. We believe economic benefits of podcasting must flow beyond elite podcasts for our ecosystem to grow. Our technology and ad buyer marketplace expands opportunity to more podcasters and helps podcasters who already have revenue unlock additional earnings.

If you are an emerging podcaster currently left out of the monetization conversation, we can put you on the radar of potential ad buyers. If you are an elite podcaster currently getting revenues from live reads, we can help you significantly grow revenues on top of what you are getting from your show right now.

"The team has consistently worked with me to maximize revenue opportunities, and to pair my show with sponsors that are a great fit for me and my audience. They’re a wonderful partner in this endeavor, and I’m very grateful for everything they do."
Seth Andrews, Host of The Thinking Atheist

How does it work?

  • Move your Podcast to our platform

    Choose a podcast publishing plan that works for you and publish without limits. Import all of your content in one click and redirect your RSS Feed without disrupting your subscribers. If you would like to maintain your current podcast hosting provider, we may be able to help you too. Contact us.
  • Tell us where you want to insert ad opportunities

    Use our point-and-click ad insertion tool on all past and upcoming episodes once per episode.
  • We’ll expose your ad inventory to our buyer network

    Expose your content to our vast and growing pool of sponsors who are interested in buying both host reads and spot ads on podcasts. We’ll work with you to match the best sponsors to your audience.
  • Every Download & Stream is Monetizable

    Whether your listener is downloading via the Apple podcasts app, other podcatchers, your embed player shared on social media, or on your site, we can help you monetize their activity.
  • Campaigns are Dynamically Executed. In Real-time

    Our dynamic ad insertion system will execute the best paying ads to the the right listeners in real time to maximize earnings across your entire catalog not just your new episodes, wherever you allow them to appear, without you doing any editing.
  • Earn the lion’s share of revenues in perpetuity

    Our platform and demand network matches your slots with bids from advertisers. You keep at least 60% of revenues for audio ads. You can continue to earn revenues from your entire content catalog as long as it keeps getting listened to.

A better way to grow podcast revenues

  • Generate earnings from your back catalog. Forever.

    A show you published years ago earns revenue when someone listens today – We insert new ads at the moment of download.
  • Combine spot ads and live reads for maximum profit

    Keep your current sources of revenue – we’ll analyze your entire content catalog to see where you can add value.
  • Set it and forget it

    Use our point-and-click insertion tool to tell us where you want mid-roll ads to run. Then, watch your earnings grow.
  • We’ll run the highest CPM bids

    Potential advertisers bid for placement on your show in real-time. We insert the ads of high bidders.
  • Flex creative control

    Collaborate with brands to create a great listener experience. Choose ad types, the number of ads per show, and their duration. Say no to ads you don’t want.
  • Build your podcast business

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Publisher or Podcast network operator? You can join us too

  • Instantly multiply your Revenues

    We can optimize yield for your back catalog and help you tap into mid-content inventory as soon as you sign on to multiply your available inventory.
  • Access our large advertiser network

    Continue your existing sales efforts to fill your premium inventory. We can help with the rest. You can also leverage our demand pool for both primary and secondary fill.
  • A Modern, Robust Monetization Stack

    Our technical infrastructure can support you whether you have 2, 20, or 200 shows with no up-front costs.