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Earl Hall

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Earl Hall is Milwaukee's #1 Black Conservative talk show host! The Earl Hall Show is a hard hitting, honest, and edgy show. Most of us have gotten fed up with the Left and the Right. Can someone just stand up and be genuine in politics.

On-Demand Episodes

Many of us right now are torn between what we hear about radical Islam and your everyday Muslim. Are all of them terrorists? Do all of them believe in and support ISIS? Surely this just can not be the case. Right? I think the... more

It is no secret that the republican establishment does not want to see Donald Trump in the White House. Some the lengths that they will go to in order to keep him out are alarming. In this age of instant access and instant news this is a... more

Stacey Dash along with many other blacks are being criticized for not going along with the pack. In fact the term "not black enough" would be a politically incorrect term if the right had come up with it. What does it actually mean to be... more

Even though this is my last show of the year we have big plans for 2016. The presidential race is about to get into full swing. Well you do know that the next president be either Hillary or Donald right? We have some tough challenges... more

Ok I am sure most of you are beyond the point of scared. If you are like me then you are PISSED OFF! We need some changes and I have a few suggestions. The government is not going to protect us. Now it seems the movies, hospitals,... more

This past week has been crazy. Between the tragedy in France and now the lies being told by this administration about the refugees. What can you believe anymore. Why is Barack Obama so against this country?

Last night in Milwaukee may be the beginning of the end for Donald Trump. He saw for the first time that this is not a reality show. Its a presidential debate. Marco Rubio stood out and showed that he can counter punch like a champ. I... more

I am really trying to rap my head around the fact the Dr. Carson chose to release a ad using rap music. How in the world did his campaign think that this was a good idea. This will set him back. Just watch.

Where is the compassion? Are we so soulless that we can not have empathy and compassion for those less well off than ourselves? We see horrible things going on in the world everyday and we believe that this is what makes up... more

Sure you all thought Clinton was done after all the lies. Well if you thought that you were obviously wrong. Now many cant see the forest for the trees. Clinton and Black lives matter set you up again!