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Live this Saturday at 6pm EST the Empowerment Hour Online University.  
The worlds greatest Numerologist, Author, Professor & Entrepreneur Lloyd Strayhorn predicts the 2012 Presidental Election Live on the Empowerment Hour

Lloyd has written numerous books, news/magazine columns and numerous articles on events of the time. He brings to the radio listener and TV viewer, insight and an informative approach to his very unique world. 
Appearing on national TV shows, such as “Oprah Winfrey”, “Geraldo”, Regis Philbin and Kathy Lee”, “The Montel Williams Show” and "Tony Brown's Journal", etc., along with countless radio appearances across the country. Lloyd has always left the audience mesmerized. His refreshing and warm delivery to the subject of astro/numerology is upbeat, positive, sincere and amazingly on target. Lloyd, as an experienced radio and TV personality seems to have this impact on stations in every major market. Perhaps Lloyd, born, bred and breathing in New York City has something to do with it. 

Join us as Lloyd predicts the winner of the 2012 Presidential Contest. 

We invite our listeners to call in and make there voices heard on Saturday's program. Join us this Saturday, at 6pm EST/5pm CST/3pm PST and let's empower each other.
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