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The Dynamics of Colorism Talk Radio focuses on discussing colorism, race and other issues in society.

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Join Dr. Culbreth for an interesting analysis of the chaos of colorism in the millennium.

Join Dr. Culbreth for a straight to the point commentary on the plethora of issues affecting Black children and teens and why it will take a village to them. Topics include: The Reality of Race in the Millennium Black America's Reality Black... more

Join Dr. Culbreth as she discusses issues the reasons why we must revive the purpose of education. Show Topics: The Purpose of Education The Achievement Gap and students of color What does it mean to be ?Young, Gifted &... more

By popular demand,The Dynamics of Colorism Talk Radio is hosting Girls, Pre-Teens & Teens of Color, Part II. Join Dr. Culbreth and guests for a deep and thorough discussion. You asked for a continued discussion and we listened.... more

Join Dr. Culbreth and guests for a discussion on " Issues Affecting Girls,Pre-Teens and Teens of Color" Topics include: Anger Mean spirited issues Fighting Bullying Colorism Crabism (envy, jealousy, hatred, etc.) Emotional... more

Join Dr. Culbreth, Dr. Styles and Dr. Linda Wilson-Jones for a discussion titled "Crabism and Colorism: Envy, Jealous Competition, The Pursuit of Happiness and Success". Topics Crabs in a barrel Women of Color Feeling threatened Envy... more

Join hosts, Dr. Culbreth & Dr. Jung-Kim for a discussion titled "The Complexity of Race, Color and Identity. Topics include: New show format Racism Colorism Identity Issues The Facebook message and posting attacking Black women... more

Join Dr Culbreth and Mrs. A'mera Frieman for a discussion on Colorism, Solidarity and Race Relations: Embracing Diversity in the Millennium Topics include: Colorism Interracial Marriage Stereotypes, Prejudice and Racism Social &... more

The New Brown America: The Changing Racial Composition in America" Host: Dr. Donnamaria Culbreth Guest: Ms. Jakara Hubbard

Join Dr. Donnamaria Culbreth & Dr. Julie Jung-Kim for a discussion on the status of Asian Black Relations and the need for racial unity among people of color.
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