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Your Dunamas Life

Your Dunamas Life


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Your Dunamas Life is a production of Dunamas Center Ministries for Marriage, Birthing, and Family Studies in Colorado Springs, CO. The roundtable format of this show features Dr. Pauline Dillard and Catherine Pearson of the Dunamas Center Ministries. Interesting and engaging discussions surrounding timely and controversial topics regarding marriage, birthing, mental and physical health from a Christ-centered point of view. Our goal is to challenge and provoke you to walk out a life of faith rather than fear. Do you dare?! Please feel free to email questions to us, and we will do our best to answer them when we pretape the shows.

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So what does a successful marriage look like? What does it take to thrive in your marriage? There are hundreds of books by dozens of authors out there on that subject. Everyone says they're right. So...what's the secret? One of the most... more

Where in the world is Dr Pauline? This week, she'll be in Mississippi and Missouri talking about a subject that doesn't get nearly the press that it deserves: Birth Traumatomology Syndrome (BTS). The impact BTS can have on women and... more

Our trip around the middle part of the U.S. has taken us to southern Mississippi. Here God has introduced us to some mighty men and women of God. Today's show will feature Ricky Bates. Ricky Bates was going to begin a career in... more

Today is a very special, pre-recorded show featuring Jeff & Catherine Pearson. Jeff & Catherine have worked with Dr Pauline at Dunamas Center Ministires for about 6 years. Jeff handles the social media and marketing design for the... more

The occult. What exactly is it? Have you ever participated in a ouija board, ever read a horoscope, worn a catholic saint's charm around your neck, had a "lucky" rabbit's foot, etc? These (and many, many more) are all occult practices. What's... more

For those who have physical conditions that make eating a challenge, Dr Pauline and Catherine would like to offer some hope. Sometimes it's as simple as having some meal ideas that can work for you. Catherine, our in-house wellness... more

Carla Hartley is back on the show this week and Dr Pauline & Catherine are very excited to have her! Carla is the founder of Trust Birth & Ancient Art Midwifery Institute. Is it better to be a licensed midwife? Why? Why not? What license(s)... more

After a baby is born (believe it or not) things get a little busy. Not only are you exhausted from going through one of the most amazing experiences of your life, and now you have this beautiful little baby to take care of. Thoughts of a new... more

In August, we did a show called, "'You First!' for Husbands" where we covered the Biblical principles surrounding how husbands are called to honor their wives. Ok, ladies...this show is for you. If you've ever wondered about what the Bible really... more

We've all seen them: moms breastfeeding their children in a public place. Are they discrete about it? Are they covered? Are they letting it all hang out? Is the breast purely a sexual object, or is it only to be used to feed your baby? This week, Dr... more
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