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Your Dunamas Life

Your Dunamas Life


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Your Dunamas Life is a production of Dunamas Center Ministries for Marriage, Birthing, and Family Studies in Colorado Springs, CO. The roundtable format of this show features Dr. Pauline Dillard and Catherine Pearson of the Dunamas Center Ministries. Interesting and engaging discussions surrounding timely and controversial topics regarding marriage, birthing, mental and physical health from a Christ-centered point of view. Our goal is to challenge and provoke you to walk out a life of faith rather than fear. Do you dare?! Please feel free to email questions to us, and we will do our best to answer them when we pretape the shows.

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Once we understand what the root of our automatic emotional reactions are we want to know what to do about it. Often the Church simply says: the Bible says you must forgive if you want to be forgiven. We know that. We believe that. We... more

Your Dunamas Life goes live! On this episode Sharon joins Dr. Pauline and Catherine. They discuss how God called them to their ministry work with the Dunamas Center and the challenges of growing into their roles here.

Dr. Pauline and Catherine look how our emotions get the best of us. They talk about the origin of our automatic reactions...the ones that cause us the most trouble. They talk about the four basic reaction categories and what the Word of... more

Dr. Pauline and Catherine share the importance of asking the right questions when pursuing birth plans. They talk about the proper order of choosing your birthing team and how to interview hospitals, birth centers, midwives, doctors,... more

This week Dr. Pauline and Catherine expand on the idea of dietary holiness. They will share some simple steps you can take to move in the direction of having a healthy diet that is obedient to God's plan for your life. You may send us... more

We welcome cohost Catherine Pearson back to the show. We are grateful to God for her husband's healing. This week we talk about Biblical concepts of how we view eating habits, and how God has a lot to say about what we eat. It is a... more

We are running a Classic "Your Dunamas Life" this week because Catherine's husband, Jeff, had to have emergency surgery this week, and she was unable to record a new show. So in honor of Jeff we are rerunning on show on Plancenta... more

Last month Dr. Pauline and Catherine discussed how pride impacts a marriage. This month they continue their discussion on pride and how it impacts our parenting, with an emphasis on the importance of dealing with our own pride... more

In August 5th show Dr. Pauline and Catherine discussed Birth Traumatomology from the persepctive of the importance of birth planning. In today's show they continue their discussion of birth traumatomology and the impact it has on the... more

This week Dr. Pauline and Catherine look at salt. They discuss the value of salt, what the Bible has to say about salt, how the CDC has reversed it's position on salt, and the consequences of cutting too much salt. This important discussion... more
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