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what a pain ..

stuff and news is what it is on Dec 23

anything good ? Foodbill (no) -- Dream Act (no) Pelosi leaving house (YES~!) full moon you fool ... its a change of the guard illusion -- u see what you want to see -- the money controls and pulls the strings all your left with is things ...

what the title said

bla bla bla like -- its a full moon on the eve of the winter solstice and what else is new ?

damnVanmeter !

revenue sharing by blog talk radio - for one whole month of shows .. i get 34 cents .. !!!

JOHN CALLS to talk about his stuff .. and the news

KABUL (Reuters) – War-torn Afghanistan lacks basic national infrastructure, yet on Sunday the government unveiled plans for a $100 million electronic identification system with cards to be issued to all Afghans within five years.