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Recently, I decided to put my grid tie inverter for sale - i did this because if i have no way of storing the energy, then I have to be home or set something to be consuming power while the sun is shining brightly, this is because if u dont have... more

have a new config adn want to see how it sounds .

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2103281/ of course the movie setting is one of planet wide pandemic, hence we now see all the news about ebola outbreaks .. dont think hollyweird and national governments are not working in collaboration to... more

TSA bs ... a crop hdand swabbisngc, boot removal .. sbs

Looks pretty exciting (as all xformer movies are) - like a video game ... age of extinction, falls in line with the rosicrushins and the georgia guidestones "to live in harmany with only 500million" - so , i would say the basic premise of this movie... more

http://rt.com/usa/162344-biden-new-world-order/ The vice president's remarks are expected to generate controversy among skeptics who associated the phrase ?new world order? with the theory that a secret global power elite is plotting a... more

this movie got acolades by top reviewer magazines and newspapers .. it is the dumbest sounding description, but then u hear about the o/s plugging into a robotic female physical form and u begin to understand the fuss ... In Los... more

Russel Crowe tweeted that Oboma is the future a yr/2 ago ... ??/ guess alot of people are going to see this movie ... supposed to make 40 mil in opening weekend...we shall see ... John wanted to chime in on his perspective and... more

it was an epic film, if so why was the theatre the small on and only a coupl edozen , maybe 3 dozen people in there ?