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iran war distraction buildup and plundering

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yes, this buildup has been going on for probably at least a decade ---

whitehouse is under scrutiny for solandra, oboma sucks as a 'garbageman president' (he leaves trash from his truck at the end of your driveway instead of doing his job), -- doesn't any country (sovereign) have the right to pursue nuclear or any other kind of energy for their needs ... 

world policemen of US, UK and the threat is felt by little tiny Israel pushing the world policemen to follow through after Israel makes the little initial strike (like the 1981 strike of Iraq's little nuc. power facility )


really getting sick of it .. war after war after war .. that is what you, dummy, pay for with your force-extracted tax dollars, -- stop paying tax dollars and the bloodshed will not be on your head - i'm glad i didnt serve in the military because then i would be further brainwashed more than what i received in the government school system ...