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The Only Sports Talk AND Independent Music Show on the radio and on the Internet! DTong knows his sports and his music, with facts to back up analysis, his views and predictions are proven! Playing the hottest new independent artists/music and talkin sports, what can be better?! NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, College Sports, PGA, Tennis, MMA, X Games, and anything everything sports! Keeping you up to date on scores, standings, and sports news, covering the important topics, not the nonsense! This is not your normal boring sports talk, THIS IS A SHOW! If you cant catch the show live here on BlogTalkRadio, catch the archives anytime at www.DTongSports.com, also available on iTunes and TuneIn Radio. **ADVERTISE ON THE SHOW TO THOUSANDS OF LISTENERS FOR AS LOW AS $5 at: ~www.Fiverr.com/DTongSports~ **ANY MUSIC ARTISTS OR COMEDIANS INTERESTED IN PLAYING YOUR SONGS or COMEDY ROUTINE ON MY SHOW SEND ME YOUR MP3 OR AUDIO FILE W/ LINKS/WEBSITES or SEND ME A MESSAGE TO DTONGRADIO@LIVE.COM

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DTong will take his stab @ March Madness! The brackets will be set, and I'll break down each region one by one! Going to recap some of the major conference tournament battles over the weekend as well! Got some great new... more

Spur of the moment quick 1 hour show, gonna recap the heat/lakers game, go over some nba hoops, and get in some music! Catch it live or catch the archives www.blogtalkradio.com/dtong, www.dtongpoker.com, or download the free... more

DTong will be covering some NBA (the cool Heat Index, LA over SAS, and more), College Hoops (this past weekends matchups, next weekends conference matchups, and much more! Catch it live or catch the archives!... more

NFL = NO FREAKIN LEAGUE! not this year y'all, DTong will gives his views and plea for your non-support next season! Also, lots of big NCAA matchups this weekend, I'll go over those and much more on this one hour special! And as... more

Breakin down the anticipated matchup between the Heat and Knicks, touch on the rest of the NBA, College Hoops upset weekend, now who wants to be #1? All that and some great music again! Catch it live or catch the archives at... more

DTong is going all independent artist for music now, no more mainstream! If you have something you'd like to have played on the show, send it to dtongradio@live.com Breaking down the NBA All Star Game, the second half of... more

Back to the norm, and breaking down the AFC and NFC Championship games in the NFL Playoffs! PITT/NYJ and GB/CHI, how about those matchups!? I'll go over each game thoroughly and fit some NBA and College basketball in there too!... more

Now it gets interesting! World Champs out, Manning and the Colts out, BAL/PIT, GB/ATL, SEA/CHI, NYJ/NE...all great matchups! I'll break those down as well as some NBA and college hoops! Catch it live or catch the archive @... more

Hit reset on the NFL Season, there are now 12 teams left and win or die begins! Makin my playoff picks, breaking down the BCS Championship between Auburn and Oregon, might squeeze in some NBA and college hoops if I have time!... more

NFL Week 17 picks and analysis, NCAA BCS bowl breakdown, NBA, College hoops, and more! Gonna try to get it all in this one hour episode of the DTong Sports Talk AND Music Show and some great music as always! Catch it live or... more
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