DTong Sports Talk AND Music Show

DTong Sports Talk AND Music Show

DTong Sports

United States, EnglishSports

The Only Sports Talk AND Independent Music Show on the radio and on the Internet! DTong knows his sports and his music, with facts to back up analysis, his views and predictions are proven! Playing the hottest new independent artists/music and talkin sports, what can be better?! NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, College Sports, PGA, Tennis, MMA, X Games, and anything everything sports! Keeping you up to date on scores, standings, and sports news, covering the important topics, not the nonsense! This is not your normal boring sports talk, THIS IS A SHOW! If you cant catch the show live here on BlogTalkRadio, catch the archives anytime at www.DTongSports.com, also available on iTunes and TuneIn Radio. **ADVERTISE ON THE SHOW TO THOUSANDS OF LISTENERS FOR AS LOW AS $5 at: ~www.Fiverr.com/DTongSports~ **ANY MUSIC ARTISTS OR COMEDIANS INTERESTED IN PLAYING YOUR SONGS or COMEDY ROUTINE ON MY SHOW SEND ME YOUR MP3 OR AUDIO FILE W/ LINKS/WEBSITES or SEND ME A MESSAGE TO DTONGRADIO@LIVE.COM

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