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Drunken Conspiracy with Mickey Ray

Drunken Conspiracy with Mickey Ray


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Join in and get inebriated with us while discussing conspiracies and cover ups among other topics. I'll have a Quad Shot of Scotch with 6 ice cubes please!

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Is the Police State Preparing for War With U.S. Citizens? Why are there so many Police Officers murdering us when we are at an all time low of crime? Why is this episode not as humious as the previous ones?

/Loud Clank Noise Bad Actor 1: "Did you hear something?" Bad Actor 2: "I did, You should go check it Bad Actor 1: "I can't, I'm really drunk and can't move" Bad Actor 2: "I can't either, I just took a hit of Acid and will probally think that I see... more

Join us as we discuss further into the Annunaki/Nephilim theory of the Origin of Man, discuss the perceived purpose of alien abduction, and talk about the connection famous humans have with the Draconian shapeshifting reptile race.... more

Join us, as we discuss the alien connections between the Illuminati (Hip-Hop, and otherwise) and the secret aliens -- those that live in secret, manipulating our world. Tune in as we discuss Alien Races, and if they are in fact our creators.... more

After last nights episode, people demanded we follow up tonight. Join in as we continue the discussion and answer important questions like.. why did John Dough Mysteriously disappear? Does he sacrifice goats? Is Troy's nipples hard?

Welcome to the Genesis of Drunken Conspiracy with Mickey Ray! This is the debut episode with Co-Hosts for the evening Xie and John Dough. Discover all the fascinating info on what is causing our mysterious blackouts and who... more