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Sexually and Otherwise


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Sexually and Otherwise is a place to discuss and find our best erotic selves. It is a show about using reflection to better our erotic lives and lives in general through holistic means

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We now live in a world where there are multiple, competing realities, particularly in the erotic world. In the consensual non-monogamy world, our new or transforming non-monogamous feelings come in conflict with baggage we bring from... more

This show is for those who love their consensual non-monogamous life for those who want to liv the best consensual non-monogamous lives that they can. Makes rules for a consensual non-monogamous relationship must start with the... more

Making honest, freeing, and flexible rules in consensual non-monogamous relationships can be difficult. As a matter of fact, there are many folk who feel rules defeat the purpose of consensual non-monogamy. I feel rules are... more

The is a large range in the consenual non-monogamous community, from swinging and open relationships to polyfidelity. Each categor does have characteristcs, but they all have similiar mindset: Each individual agrees that... more

Staying together is less about the type of relationship you have and more about the rituals and commitments you have that reinforce long-term connecting. Staying together takes individuals who are committed to sharing the sunshine and the... more

Loving someone and sharing our home, finances, and emotions without compromise is a dream for which many individuals strive and want. However, at the heart of creating family, organizations, and societies is compromise.... more

Often we read and look for ways to improve our sex lives; however, if we look into the eroticism, we may find ways to improve our entire lives. The erotic is a cosmic energy that is in us to drive us to follow our desires and to be our most creative.... more

I think we all have stayed in a relationship "too long," particularly if we sexually connect, there are children involved, or options seem limited. Staying too long may mean life or death for some folk, so let's talk about some of the reasons... more

Falling out of love can change how we look at the world for the rest of our lives, so how do we trust again and love again? What things do we have to do for ourselves to have greater succes when we try to love again. Let's get it going... more