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Dr. Trevicia Williams:is a child bride survivor who used her horrific testimony to help legislators ban forced marriages in Texas, national keynote speaker, author and America’s leading media expert on parenting teens, effective communication, human behavior, healthy relationships, self matters, value-based living, work-family balance, and, moral aptitude based on research, education and current trends. Dr. Williams is also the author of the book Heaven Answered, an inspirational memoir about her child bride experience as a 14 year old African American girl placed in a marriage to a 26 year old man from Germany filled with bounce back tips and information and grounded in the 10/90 Rule: Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of the way you respond for people who struggle with the pain of life's experiences. The Dr. Trevicia Williams Show show is a place where people can find information about everyday problems, motivation, productivity tips and cutting edge information about entrepreneurship, health and finance. Each episode entails conversations between Dr. Trevicia and guests discussing their aspirations as well as ways they can get unstuck and move forward. Dr. Trevicia also profiles guests who have accomplished many of their dreams to serve as inspiration to others. Dr. Trevicia has been featured on numerous TV networks, including, LifeTime, Lifetime Movie Network, BET, Oxygen, and, Bravo and regularly provides expert and breaking news commentary about human behavior, parenting, mother-daughter relationships based on studies and more. Through her speaking engagements, Dr. Trevicia touches the lives of people and empowers them with the knowledge to turn adversities into advancements to realize their fullest spiritual and human potentials.

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Today, Dr. Trevicia will weigh in on overlooked things that children need for back to school success! Her special guest for health and wellness is Fort Worth, Texas' Albert Perez. Mr. Perez is a personal trainer and Zurvita...Zeal for Life... more

During this episode, Dr. Trevicia Williams will weigh in on overlooked factor In back to school success. optimal health and a side job for moms that helps them with their quest for work-life balance and success.

Research shows that some 70% of teens are not getting enough of this vital activity. Dr. Trevicia Williams will weigh in on the activity that teens are missing...critical for back to school success. She will also speak with special... more

Keeping self and family healthy during the back to school season can be challenging. Dr. Trevicia Williams will weigh in on the wonders of Micro Daily. Micro Daily had proven results with the backing of the Department of... more

Dr. Trevicia Williams will weigh in on top rated supplements for optimal health and wellness...keeping families healthy throughout the school year and beyond. If you and your family aren't getting the daily recommended amounts of fruits and... more

Dr. Trevicia Williams will weigh in on critical everyday experiences through which children gain valuable knowledge or learn important principles by watching their parents. Special guest, Dana Sorrels, shares a way for moms and dads to get... more

Moms have the incredible power to teach by example. Dr. Trevicia Williams will weigh in on critical everyday experiences through which children gain valuable knowledge or learn important principles by watching their parents. The logic... more

The back to school season always has challenges and excitement for moms and students. Dr. Trevicia Williams will address top concerns during this special back to school series. Special Guest: Jennifer Loewen shares her passion for... more

How Bill Cosby, Bachelor in Paradise, Savannah Anne Taylor, and, Child Marriage Stories Are Alike? They all involve valuable lessons about consent. So, today's show is about the hot topic of consent and how those and other... more

Dr. Trevicia Williams: Ways to Handle Toxic People & Build Healthy Relationships Dr. Trevicia Williams continues to discuss National Heart Awareness Month within the context of relationship building. In this episode of Getting There, Dr.... more
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