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Dr Samuel Otis Kirkland Sr

WOMEN...We Need You To LEAD!


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Dr. Samuel O. Kirkland, Sr. is sharing an Inspirational Message that many Servant Leaders refuse to address. Confessing one faults to one another according to the Book attributed to the Apostle James 5:16. Join with him now as he shares the... more

Dr. Kirkland and his Guest will share with you the symptons to understand that will appear over the winter months (even in the southern states). It is a common error by many professional therapist that sometimes misread seasonal affective... more

Dr. Samuel O. Kirkland, Sr. will share a message of encouragement as taken from an inspiring article found in the HealthyPlace newsletter, written by Liz Smith. "We're in the fall right now, so this is a good time to start planning ahead for the... more

Shepherd's Care Fellowship Founder/President and President of SCBC/QVIUS International University, Dr. Samuel O. Kirkland, Sr., DMINR,DCRC,CRA wishes to share with you the prescription for dealing, or atleast, coping with suffering... more

Dr. Samuel O. Kirkland, Sr., Founder/President, Shepherd's Care Fellowship, will ask us the question: "What will you do when you have to survive a suffering situation in your life?" The "Good News" in some way, suffering ceases to be... more

Dr. Samuel O. Kirkland, Sr., Founder Of Shepherd's Care Foundation, is offering a very controversible commentary on a very complex subjuct matter of Environmental Influence on the Behavior In Human Beings. This subject is... more

Dr. Kirkland, alone with other guest shall attempt to develop some constructive conversations about some possible solutions to the current disastrous "STATE OF AFFAIRS IN THIS REPUBLIC ." It is obvious to all, of the problems with the... more

Dr. Samuel O.Kirkland Sr. will navigate us through the murky (dark) waters of falsehoods and mistrust. And, many lost souls are denying the allumination (light) of the Day of Reckoning. However, whosoever of us that receives the... more

Dr. Kirkland and his guest speakers will discuss one of the most prevailing subjects that are affecting the behavior of all mankind. How does one perceive their creator? That is the question that must be answered by everyone! This... more

In today's world, we are greatly perplexed, as to the many discriptions of God, and the nature of the different gods that are worshipped by many different cultures. The question is: "Which god is the creator of the heavens (universe)... more