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This show is about INTERNATIONAL MINING OF GOLD, DIAMONDS, PLATINUM, SILVER, Etc. from a Jungle Miner's first hand experience. We hold nothing back! We get down to the nitty-gritty, we get a bit raunchy in good taste, and we shine a positive light where its true and deserving. Listen in to learn everything about precious minerals, the scams, the corruption, the killings, and the manipulation. This show is about Gold and Gold ain't got no friends! Gold and Precious Minerals (Platinum, Diamonds, Etc.) Learn what they don’t want you to know. Learn the real truth-how we find it and how we mine. Learn what goes on in the villages, the desert, the jungle, the Amazon. Get an insight on when to buy, how long to hold it, and when to sell it. Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr. an award winning international gold miner focused on the Small Scale Miners worldwide. He and co-host multiple award winning radio host Sherri Johnson discusses the negative and positive in the mining industry. Their focus is precious minerals and rare earth elements. Dr. Youngblood represents the millions of small scale miners from Africa to N/S America form Asia to the Islands. Dr. Youngblood shares his and the miners personal stories. Learn why the Heads of State now call on him to lead the Small Scale Miners. For many years Dr. Youngblood worked inside some of the most hostile environments and harsh conditions the industry has to offer, yet there is still a story of positive outcomes a bright future in mining. At $7.128 billion USD per day, Small Scale Miners extract 33% of the world’s gold and 25% of the world’s diamonds. 30 million Small Scalers have one thing in common. Dr. Youngblood an International Gold Miner, a bestowed Paramount Chief (King), Award Winner with a USA law based on his achievements, and the recognized King Of Small Scale Miners Worldwide.

On-Demand Episodes

Episode 13 Dr. Youngblood has an interview with Eduardo Zanchi the famous Brazilian Guitarist, Latin Grammy Nominee, Trofeu Louvemos Nomination "Rock Album of the Year", Trofeu Louvemos Guitar Player of the Year, Band of... more

Episode 12 This episode is with the world class trader Andrew Maguire the friend and now partner to Dr. Youngblood a British commodities trader and whistleblower. He presented evidence to United States regulators alleging that... more

This episode you can learn how to start and operate a business overseas. Come listen to stuff that you want hear no-where else.

?Live The Life You Want? Guest co-host world traveler Maurice R. Joyner talks healthy life, spirituality, and gold. ?Gold should be a part of your nutrition and mental health.?

GOLD "Real Talk" Episode 9 discusses the Small Scale Miners and how simple things like medicine banded in one country ends up in villages and causes harms. When the warning labels are removed but you still need the medicine whats the... more

Episode 8 Dr. Youngblood has a one-on-one conversation with the 30 million miners worldwide. This episode was recorded specifically for them and how all the miners can and should get our shit together. Dr. Youngblood holds nothing back... more

Episode 7 Dr. Youngblood and Sherri explains how to deal forcefully and smartly deal with cutthroat minerals companies and the brainy tactics of mineral brokers who come calling buying property minerals or your family minerals rights. Very... more

Episode 6 is Dr. Youngblood and Sherri dive into how Small Scale Miners are kicking large scale miners ass and this drove large scale miners to reduce their mining capacity, take on more stock market mumbo-jumbo, etc. Learn what's... more

Episode 5 is getting to know Dr. Youngblood personally through some hilarious and crazy ass stories. Guest questions are answered.

Episode 4 is the miners don't just pull gold out of there butts.buyers need to understand this… What the hell is wrong with gold buyers crazy enough to buy overpriced gold from dealers, brokers, and middlemen but scared to buy... more