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discussion and help for people dealing with difficult relationship issues, conflicts, emotional issues, co-dependency, addictive behaviors and parenting.

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Verse to verase study of the Bible, sermon centered of that days scripture lesson. Music intoduction and closing.
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A study of end times scriptures and how they relate to the times we live in

Verse to Verse Bible Study, sermon and music

Verse to verse Study of the Bible, with a topical sermon on the portion of scripture for each Sunday. Introduction music with theme of program by Dixie and other songs as time allows.

A study of the end times scriptures.

Verse to verse study of the Bible and a topical sermon on portion being studied. Music introduction to the program.

A study of the end times. The 24th chapter of Mathew this week.

A verse to verse study of the Bible with topical sermon on a portion of the scripture we are studying.

An on-going study of the times we live in. Many believe we are in the end times. Do you think we are. I will study all the scriptures each week that speak of the circmstances surounding the coming of Christ.

Verse to Verse study of the Bible with sermon topic out of that portion of scripture. Special music as a highlight.

A verse to verse Bible study, with a sermon based on the weekly portion of scripture being used.