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Witchcraft Attack FB Internet/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

  • Broadcast in Religion
Dr Pat Holliday

Dr Pat Holliday


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Witchcraft Attack Christian FB Internet

Witchcraft is alive and well on the internet. The Internet was created by the Globalist invented the World Wide Web and called its search engine, WWW. World Wide Web. Com.  The letter W means 6. So, the WWW means 666 to their esoteric language. These Globalists worship their pagan gods in groves, such as, Bohemian Groves in California. So, these men are the highest wizards in the world.

Many Christians took to the web as the modern highway of the world; it was the modern highway to the world ancient Rome. The early Christians went right into the witchcraft cities of the world to preach Jesus Christ had died on cross for their sins and had risen from the dead for the salvation. They did an excellent job of spreading the Gospel. So, we Christian ministers went on the web to preach Jesus’ Good News. However, as we walked into the Devil’s Territory totally unprepared that The Web is exactly as it is suggested. A world-wide spider web which is controlled by his selected agents. Many traps that all Christians just blindly walked into, Face book is turning out to be the most  mind-controlled, dangerous PLACE God's people ever faced. In addition, it also the most anti-Christian hating too. Witchcraft is free to promote their religion, while Christianity is not free. There are covens everywhere and now, they pretend to be Christians, speak Christianize but work their powers against Face book Christians and Christian web sites shutting them down. These wizards freely steal Facebook Christian Messages redirecting them into a FAKE FACEBOOK TRASH CAN. We are going to tell you how they are doing on our radio show. Most Christians are totally blinded to this powerful work Satan. Just imagine, everyday you talk to your friends and preach to world for Jesus. NOT, YOUR PAGE IS REDIRECTED TO FAKE FACE BOOK WAY FROM THE REAL FACE BOOK!