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Trump Awakens the Sleeping Giant/Dr Pat Holiday/Dr Sabrina Session/Marshal Perot

  • Broadcast in Religion
Dr Pat Holliday

Dr Pat Holliday


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High levels of wizards planted and released a massive spell has across the earth to keep the Sleeping Giant under massive bewitching spirits. Who is the Sleeping Giant?

The Sleeping Giant represents the Body of the Body of Christ. The Apostle Paul loudly and clearly sound out the alarm to the Body of Christ today, (I Thess. 5:6), says - " Let us not sleep, as do others . . . " (Rom. 13:11), "And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now, is our salvation nearer than when we believed." But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him,” (Matt. 25: 4). The Sleeping Giant spiritually awakens when the Saints PRAY!

John Mulinde of Australia a former Satanist led expeditions through the air. He would go with other satanic agents and many demon spirits. It was as if they were working a shift, in the same way that you've got to go and work your shift. He had a regular, time that he was required to go and wage war in the heavenlies.  He said that in the heavenlies, in the spiritual realm, if the land is covered by a blanket of darkness, the blanket is so dense it is like solid rock. And it covers the whole area. The spirits are able to go on top of and below the blanket and from there influence the events on earth. When the evil spirits and human satanic agents finish their shifts, they go down to earth at the points of covenant, on water or on land, to refresh their spirits. How do they refresh their spirits? By the sacrifices that people give at these altars.They could be sacrifices in open witchcraft, sacrifices in bloodshed of all types, including abortion, warfare, and human and animal sacrifices.