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CHRISTIAN HYPNOSIS/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

  • Broadcast in Religion
Dr Pat Holliday

Dr Pat Holliday


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Christian Hypnosis Counseling services sounds good on the surface by promising to help you lose weight, quit smoking, release your stress, etc. Yet we can't Christianize what God has forbidden such as true occultist overtones. “Universal energy takes you into a journey as you meet your spiritual guides.” Mediums go into hypnotic trances and contact spirits as they use a type of hypnosis to bring them to that open subconscious state of mind.

This is the deadly mixture that can poison Christian's and non-Christian's alike. Terminology that sounds scientific or Biblical causes many undiscerning believers to involve themselves in what is portrayed as supposedly neutral innocent techniques. They are subtly seduced to be involved in counterfeit practices and experiences. Just as the serpent seduced Eve, many are led away from a pure devotion to Christ and His Word.

You may overcome your habit of smoking or gluttony through hypnosis but do you know what happens? A few days or weeks later another problem manifests instead, some other area of your life is out of control and you have to keep going back because you didn’t deal with the real problem. You were just dealing with the symptom and God wants to get to the root, cause which is your need for discipline and self-control and that comes from obedience to His Word and the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. Its possible similarity to the forbidden Biblical practice of charming. Its historic origin to the occult in both the East (yoga) and West (Spiritist Movement).The fact that a wide variety of occult powers can be developed from hypnosis. Often past lives “popup” during standard hypnotic regression, even when there is no expectation or searching for them. Cases of possession that have resulted.The will must be surrender to another person: A similarity to mediumistic trance states . . .