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Trauma Fear Creates Gatekeeper/Dr Pat Holiday/Dr Sabrina Session/Marshall Perot

  • Broadcast in Religion
Dr Pat Holliday

Dr Pat Holliday


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Trauma: Spirit of Amnesia - Fear Creates a Gatekeeper to the Sub Conscious Mind.

Trauma injures the mind by using the ‘Spirit of Fear’ to split or fragment the mind, shattering it into many pieces.  The spirit of fear then assumes the position of “gatekeeper.” He opens the doorways to these shattered pieces of the mind that become the housing for the various demons of the various created personalities for each compartment. The human mind controller or handler like a computer programmer, write a program for each personality and using codes or “passwords” which will call each particular personality to rise to the consciousness when summoned. This “personality” is called an “alter” in psychological term which they controller acknowledge each alter is separate from the original personality of the victim.

As a deliverance minister an ‘Alter’ is just a demon that is being used by ‘the Handler’ to manipulate the mind of the victim. Many so-called deliverance ministries do not like the term demons or devils and follow secular psychological methods and terminology by calling these devils ‘Alters’ (alternate personalities).

 2001, THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL had a on MPD. The medical profession is using the term ALTER. They even said the human is THE HOST. That's exactly what a human body is to a demon - THE HOST. Jesus said the demons call the human body their HOUSE.

The Handler or mind controller takes charge of the life of the victim, enslaving the mind of individual to the volition of the handler. The victim becomes a shell of the original person and becomes “double minded” and unstable in all his/her ways.