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Inner Healing Dr. Pat Holliday Judge Paula Marshall Perot

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Dr Pat Holliday

Dr Pat Holliday


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Agnes Sanford ; New Age

There is a departure from the faith but in the name of faith. Seducing spirits are being contracted, but here they don’t pose as “deeper levels of the “psyche,” or as “ascended masters,” but as Christ Himself! The practice of visualizing “Jesus,” (visualizing “Mary,” works just as well for Catholics) is being used in “Inner healing” and in order to enhance one’s prayer life or to gain a deeper insight into what Jesus taught. That the “Jesus” WHO APPEARS AND TAKE ON A LIFE OF IT’S OWN IS NOT THE LORD JESUS CHRIST OF THE BIBLE but a “seducing spirit” bringing “doctrines of devils”. It is a powerful bewitching demon that brings strong delusional disorder but one can be free through deliverance. 

Mrs. Sanford’s autobiography, she writes of playing in the Temple of Buddha in China, and even climbing up into the Buddha’s folded legs … she wondered if the idols had any power? “How could I know whether my parents knew the truth about them? What would happen if I myself were to worship the great Buddha? Would God smite me dead? … So, in a spirit of high adventure, I decided I would just try it and see what happened.” … .”I folded my hands together, bowed before the serene gilded idol, who apparently paid me no attention whatsoever, and murmured “O-me-to-fu” as the monks did. She then writes a most astounding paragraph that describes demon possession! “Nothing happened. Or did it? I wonder. For gradually there came to be within me another voice, sneering, despising, scorning, as I grew older there appeared two voices, one of which continually denied or derided the other one.”