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A gathering place for ministry, prayer and fellowship with your host Dr. Pat Holliday. We are broadcasting live every Wednesday and Friday night at 7:30 pm eastern.Please come and join us for the show. We also meet every Sunday at 12:30 pm eastern for our local Sunday service here in Jacksonville, Florida at the Four Points by Sheraton, 8520 Baymeadows Road Jacksonville, FL 32256. See you on the show and God Bless!

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TRAUMA AND FEAR CREATION OF A MIND CONTROLLED SLAVE Everything is recorded within our subconscious minds for we are like computers; the subconscious mind can be changed, information erased and replaced by a mind handler. A mind manipulator through using the power of hypnosis will simply place a person in an alter state of consciousness (trance) and use a systematic program to create new ?alters? (psychologically crafted personalities activated by demons). Mind handlers manipulate alter personalities as the foundation for programmed couriers resistant to torture, where the primary personality would not even be aware of the secret information being carried. The information could be summoned forth via a post-hypnotic command or response to a pre-programmed cue. [i] [i] "HYPNOSIS COMES OF AGE"by G. H. Estabrooks, PH.D. Science Digest April, 1971, pp. 44 – 50 http://www.mindspring.com/~txporter/scidig.htm
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?The Schizophrenic lives in a world of fantasy. They hear voices inside of their heads. ?WHO are these voices? Are they fictitious? Do they come from their own thoughts? Do they come from their internal storage of memories? Do they come... more

WITCHCRAFT POWERS ARE THRIVING There is no longer any doubt that witches are real and active in modern America. The author asked in the book Be Free that was written in the seventies ?Do you believe that witches and wizards... more

What is Parapsychology? Parapsychology is a field of study concerned with the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena. Parapsychologists study telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near-death experiences,... more

Abortion and Spiritual Bondage Abortion, as far as the Bible is concerned, is nothing less than the murder of an innocent person which God has created, and is a source for great spiritual bondage. The token that the pro-choice use,... more

FAMILY ABUSE When we bring these things into the light, they begin losing their power in our lives, in our churches, and in our communities. Here are some reasons why we as a Church need to talk more about domestic violence.... more

MORE THAN CONQUERORS The fact that God opens a door does not mean there won't be trials, tribulations, attacks, persecutions, circumstances, and hindrances associated with that direction and to endure. Remember the account... more

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0138B424W Miracles & Deliverance A miracle in the biblical sense is a marvelous event manifesting a supernatural act of God. It is a unique experience that causes an impossible condition to change and instantly... more

THE NECESSITY FOR DELIVRANCE Mental problems – Disturbances in the mind or thought life. Some common ones~ mental torment, procrastination, (put off), indecision, compromise, confusion, doubt, rationalization, and loss of... more

Judaism and Zionism are not the Same Faith Christians should have read their Bibles and believed what God says. The Apostle Paul warned us there to beware of ?the foolishness of genealogies.? He told us not to heed ?Jewish fables.?... more
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