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A gathering place for ministry, prayer and fellowship with your host Dr. Pat Holliday. We are broadcasting live every Wednesday and Friday night at 7:30 pm eastern.Please come and join us for the show. We also meet every Sunday at 12:30 pm eastern for our local Sunday service here in Jacksonville, Florida at the Four Points by Sheraton, 8520 Baymeadows Road Jacksonville, FL 32256. See you on the show and God Bless!

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A majority of Christian churches have already succumbed to this Dominionist agenda foisted on the churches by false apostles driven by false prophecies from false prophets. Wagner is talking about the government of the church, under the leadership of the new foundational restored "apostles", OVERTHROWING the governments of the world. Apostolic conferences called, 2008, Staring the Year off Right. Dutch Sheets spoke shamelessly about their (NAR) groups plans to take over. He showed a doted map of the United States with hundreds of large and smaller dots spaced evenly across the country. He explained that the larger dots showed the apostolic hubs: the teaching and training centers they had already implemented. The smaller dots showed the individual apostles that had been put in place. Underneath the apostles, he explained, would be the individual churches that would be, a local expression of the global church. He stressed that we were no longer to think in terms of our local church but in terms of the Kingdom (buzz word for the coming one world church). It might alarm you that they have deemed 2008 as the year of the ?great shift? They want you to be converted into becoming a new style Cosmic Christian but you must interchange your biblical Jesus Christ and His Deity with a NEW AGE CHRIST, but you learn to open your own personal Star Gate. Bob Jones' Third Wave's chief guru spiritual experiences are extraordinary, to say the least. They consist of ?Voices,? ?angels,? and ?translations to heaven? which give him revelations that are not only contrary to Scripture but are easily categorized as of the New Age variety of spirituality. Repent and call out to Jesus to give you mercy and return to the cross before it is too late. There is no Scriptural authority for these sinful witchcraft practices of ?Christians opening Stargates.
  • by Dr Pat Holliday
  • in Religion
  • 03:00
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