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A gathering place for ministry, prayer and fellowship with your host Dr. Pat Holliday. We are broadcasting live every Wednesday and Friday night at 7:30 pm eastern.Please come and join us for the show. We also meet every Sunday at 12:30 pm eastern for our local Sunday service here in Jacksonville, Florida at the Best Western Hotel on Salisbury Road, JTB and Southpoint. See you on the show and God Bless!

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Amazon.com: Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books amzn.to/1tmYt28 Deliverance can follow a systematic method. Verbal confession of faith in Jesus Christ. Complete surrender to the Lordship of Christ in every area of the life; surrender if the deliverance is to be permanent. Forgive all persons. Verbal confession of the sins of word, mind, body or occult involvement which gave Satan legal access of your life. Turn from all sin and contact with evil spirits. Break Satan's legal right to your life by renouncing each sin and its effect II Cor.. 4:2 and claim God's word. Command the demons to go in the name of Jesus!
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Spiritual Energy Demons in vast numbers constitute a part of Satan's hierarchy and fight in his army. They are spiritual beings without bodies of their own, hence they seek embodiment; they have supernatural power and strength. They... more

Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books amzn.to/1tmYt28 Repentance The key to true deliverance is repentance. This means to change one's mind as with regard to past or intended action of personal conduct. One must feel regret and... more

Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books amzn.to/1tmYt28 Smoking is Worshiping Pagan God Burning tobacco originated with ancient aboriginals. The modern world learned of the use of tobacco from the Indians. History reveals... more

NEW AGE CHRIST BABY CLONED When you think of the antichrist, I'm sure that like most people, you think of the evil end time ruler that is to come. However, John says there are many antichrists. How can that be? Anti-Christ... more

Pat Holliday kindle Books amzn.to/1tmYt28 Fall of Babylon Rev 18:2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of... more

Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books amzn.to/1tmYt28 The End time Wars Psa 83 Ezek. 38 -39 ISA. 17 With so much happening concerning events in the Middle East right now, and the current crises involving Russia [Gog/Magog], I felt... more

Broadcast in Religion 3/27/15 at 7:30 pm DST Reminder Call in to speak with the host (805) 292-0300 and dial 1 for prayers. Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books amzn.to/1tmYt28 Do not Give Satan Credit We must never be impressed... more

Upon this Rock The Bible shows the devil at a great disadvantage concerning his power over Christians. He is shown as an inferior antagonist in light of what Jesus Christ gave to His church. Satan can only take the place that he is given. The... more

Spiritual Warfare vs Bondage Far too many people get spiritual warfare confused with demonic bondage. I believe this is because of the popular belief that Christians cannot have demons. Those in need of a deliverance often think they... more
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