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Join Dr Pam Denton Transformation Coach and Chiropractor as she explores the possibilities for changing your leadership using spiritual tools, healing and transformation. Dr. Pam will take you on a soul journey to connect with love, evolution and new opportunity through meditation and intuitive insights and will be interviewing heart centered leaders and healers who will share with you their amazing tools and techniques for living on purpose. Dr Pam is a speaker and leadership coach who believes in the innate healing wisdom of your body and in her show you will have the chance to experience her intuitive connections for living an amazing life. Leadership Evolution will help you find love, connect to healing and manifest your desires.

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Dr Pam Denton

Healing Pain

  • by Dr Pam Denton
If your pain were a person and could speak what is it saying. Do you choose to shut up your pain as you would your own child or friend. Or can you listen to your pain speak and be present with the truth of its story. Healing pain... more
Dr Pam Denton

Why would you Listen to your body?

  • by Dr Pam Denton
Your body speaks to you in many different ways and it is our personal choice whether we want to listen. LIstening to the voice of our body means paying attention. And paying attention means becoming aware.So, why would you want... more