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The worst domestic trama from a foriegn source crumbled the world traed center. Placing America on it's for it had no where else to go. Many times our relationships have suffered the same ordeal. But like america we can hunt and... more

To often we blame others for our own short comings. It seems easier to point the finger in another direction all the while knowing it was our own fault. This thought process has caused many people not to trust other people because they can't... more

To night it's all about the music. Public service annoucement! From now on you will only have 3 days to listen to any recent live shows. Once those 3 days are past the will go private or invisible to the public. Therefore if you wish to... more

In 2008 a great book was realased titled The Secret. Within this amazing reading the author unlocked the keys to the mysteries of positive thinking. Along with other power books like The Magic of Thinking Big, As a Man Thinketh and The Laws... more

This show is geared towards the dumb and stupid things we have done in a relationshp or life itself. You have done more than either made a fool of yourself or have a confession. However up until now you haven't gooten it off... more

Has your relationship become boring? Are fights and arguments becoming more frequent? We are offering the answer to these questions and most important question of them all. Are you still in love. We are offering techniques and skills... more

John Mayer wrote an amazing song called Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, which is a place we have all been once or twice before in our lives. Lets chat about that moment. What was so special about that burning room and was it all... more

To short to BS. Let's get straight to it and leave before they charge us for the whole day. Come join on of the most interesting talk show hosts in the business and the fastest growing show on BTR, the Dr Oooh Whee show! Call... more

Great networking begins with how good you are at handling difficult people. We would like to attempt to have a 101 tutorial on how to get along with almost anyone. We call this segment The Proper Way Of Handling People. It's time to... more
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