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The Word of God For Every Day

The Word of God For Every Day With Dr. Mike


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This hard hitting show is hosted by internationally respected pastor and thinker, Dr. Michael S. Williams. Discusses with you the advantage of having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ! NOTE: This show is NOT about RELIGION or RITUAL~it's about developing a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus!

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People often claim they want a quality relationship. However, if the truth were told, many do not even know where to begin. If they think the do they are relying upon old wives/husbands tales that have nothing to do with the WORD of GOD. So,... more

Ferguson!!! Staten Island!!!! Video Tape! Coroner's Reports!!!!! The Grand Jury! No Indictment! What does this mean for YOU? For ME? Where is God in all of this? Is HE, as Abraham said, still ?The JUDGE of all the Earth?? Will HE do... more

Are YOU: Prone To Self -Destructive Behavior? Talk Your Way Out of A Blessing? Constantly Blow Good Things? Constantly In Fear That You Will Be Found Out? Ruin Relationships Based Upon Immature Actions? Constantly... more

What is TEMPTATION? Stay tuned as Dr. MIKE goes beyond the cartoonish notions that falsely portray TEMPTATION as a temporary lapsWhat is TEMPTATION? Stay tuned as Dr. MIKE goes beyond the cartoonish notions that... more

If There Is Anything That's Consistent With Life It Is The Existence Of ENEMIES. The Fact That They Exist Is Not As Important As To How We Handle Them. Should We Fight Fire With Fire? Counter Plot On Them? Seek Revenge? Try... more

There are people today that refuse to speak to each other. Why? Because of a Misunderstanding! They stop speaking because of what ?So and so told me? or ?I heard that you were talking about me.? Or, because a... more

Do You Find Yourself: Replaying mistakes you made... Preoccupied with you errors... Fantasizing about being able to go backwards in time and correct... what you did wrong... Obsessed with shame... Stay tuned as Dr. Mike shares with... more

Hey! This Is Dr. Mike! Let Me Ask You This: Got Prescriptions That Are Not Covered? Got a friend or relative that's having trouble paying for their meds??? Know of an organization that could use some free discount... more

Do you have family members that you'd just as soon disappear? Did you invite them into your universe with the understanding that you were merely trying to ?HELP? them, but now they've turned your world upside down? Are they laying... more