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The "So Called White Jew" Is Culprit Of Every War Fought!

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Pre-Adamic / Adamic Infiltration Of The Kingdom Of Ethiopia - Greco / Roman War - Fall Of The Roman Empire - Spain, France, Britian, Russia, China, Japan, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Korea, Vietnam, Beirut, Panama, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Quwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan and all other wars were funded, exploited, profited, and managed by the "so called white Jew."
Here we see an old Jewish tactic dividing the Whites into two factions over the silly issue of religion; the Catholics against the Protestants. So successful has this ploy been that the operation was extended to other White states where it is still being used till this day. Who can forget the tragedy of St.Bartholomew`s Day Massacre in France when 50 000 Protestants were murdered. The White traitor Eisenhower then collaborated with the Russian Jews and Stalin to extradite two to three million people from all countries who fought on the Allied side in which is known as “Operation Keelhaul”. These people were shipped back to Russia where Stalin either executed them or send them to their death in Siberia. This war destroyed 65% of the German population and 80% of the buildings and property. Then they wonder why the “goy” dislikes them !
When we look at the great wars all over the world one things catches the eye of the student studying the Jewish question. The international financiers of the wars are mostly Jewish. The most notorious of these are the Rothschilds [Anslem, Solomon, Charles James and Nathan Meyer], Schiffs and the Speyers. In the House of Rothschild we have the five war-lords of Europe who financed wars for more than a generation while their dynasty was continued by their successors. Let us closely examine these crimes again.