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Homosexuality And Lesbianism Is An Psych-socio Illness II !

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Homosexuality and lesbianism should be viewed as a psycho-socio illness (e.g. if it can be learned it can be unlearned). Whatever a child sees-he or she will practice. Any learned behavior can be unlearned. The questions of homosexuality and lesbianism are concerning reproduction and family structure, however, it has given rise to much religious contention. Due to religion being very structure of earthly administrations, rightfully, they are disgusted with such practice. Of course, the catholic church and other church leaders and administrations have had their share of unlocked closets concerning such practices among their own leadership and flock. However, the consensus is an all resounding "NO!"  Though religion have given poor arguments to put an an to the matter; psychology and sociology pose decent debates. One of child suicide/homocide due sociological and psychological bullying. Peer pressure toward cohabitating partners and their children has proven to be disastrous. Six years of personal research, toward homosexuality and lesbianism and the problems thereof, suggest that many individuals practicing homosexuality are victims of child rape, molestation, sexual grooming, etc. According to an personal research, I entitled, "Homosexuality And Lesbianism A Learned Psycho-Socio Illness. I am suggesting that victims of forced behaviors will inflict these behaviors on weaker individuals and/or children. And If these behaviors can be learned they can be unlearned. If we can accept the practice of homosexuality and lesbianism as an un-healthy learned behavior (or illness) for those who do not desire the lifestyle; through psychotherapy, we can rehabilitate these individual to overcome such illness.