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The White Race Enslaves, Kills, And Lies To Maintain Power!

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The greek philosopher Pathagoras of Samos is said to be the culprate of a certain thearum that he discovered while he was visiting Egypt with his sister; who is credited for lecturing him in politics, religion, and moral ethics. The story is that while he is in Egypt he discovers a thearum (or theory) , while in his youth years, or as a boy of thirteen to fifteen years. Also, in this history of Pathagoras, it is said that he coined the phrase "philosophy." It is said that he entitled his sister; who is training him in moral ethics, religion, and politics, a philosopher. How is this possible? Primarily, the theory he is credited for was in practical use 1000 years earlier. The babylonians were in astronomical use of this theory in various sorts. The history of Pathagoras is a complete lie. A tall tale conjured by british and european philosophers to decrease africa's contribution to the world. I imagine that in all countries and their histories are some embellishment of patriotism and grandeur but very few will kill to make this history a reality; except the european kind. The european race, or the white race, will servitude, enslave, religionize, baptize, raciate, discriminate, segregate, intergrate, alienate, or emplore any tactic to ensure that their tale of intelligence out tell anyone else's contribution of intelligence, knowledge, or wisdom to the human race - especially Africa. There is denial that africa is the begiinning of human existence, human behavior, pre-civilizations, civilizations, record of histories and inventions oppose to discoveries (or thefts). You don't have to be a scholar to know this. If you read any bible, irregardless, of the religion. The book of "Beginnings", "Genesis", "Generations" will tell you that mankind were born in Africa!