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Living Happy Every Day with Dr. LaSharnda Beckwith will focus on topics that address personal value, becoming aware, breaking through those things that hol

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Dr. LaSharnda helps her audience focus on positivity rather than negativity. Pinpointing how gossip is a negative behavior that hurts everyone. She lays out a strategy that one who struggles in this area, can use to help them stop the gossip. Listen in as Dr. LaSharnda talks about Gossip, It's No Good.
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Dr. LaSharnda creates a blueprint that you can use to help you live happy. She understands that it is easy to allow your life's decisions to live happy to default to the regular, everyday, mundane habits. However, she helps you see how... more

Dr. LaSharnda helps you determine your reality. Living in the past or the future can inhibit what is happening in your present day reality. Past mistakes, issues all affect how we see our lives today. Future desires, wishing for tomorrow does... more

Dr. LaSharnda shares a blueprint that you can use to control of your emotions. Thoughts drive emotions, emotions drive actions/behaviors, and behaviors are what we become. We can live in desperation or we can choose to live inspired.

Dr. LaSharnda offers insight into the psych of the human mind. The resilient of those who make choices to live happy rather than defeated. Those who determine that they will control their lives not that life will control them. Meet Rosie... more

Dr. LaSharnda presents guest nadine Lajoie. Nadine is a championship motocylce racer, international motivational speaker, #1 Best Seller Author, coach, musician and singer, real estate investment and finance expert dedicated to helping... more

Hogan Hilling is the author and motivational speaker of When Divorce Do Us Part: How to Live and Love Again. He has appeared on Oprah and ABC's Documentary The Story of Fathers and Sons. His experience with Divorce... more

Stephanie McKenzie is a relationship expert. She approaches relationships using traditional business and marketing principles and requires that her audience become empowered by using rational thinking to lay the foundation for healthy... more

Principles are "qualities of being" that become the rules by which we choose to govern our lives. Such qualities are what we stand for. They determine how we meet or step up to the situations and challenges of our lives. They alllow us... more

Dr. LaSharnda discussed the need to Take Stock of our lives. To Live from the Inside-Out. Which means looking within rather than without tofind fulfillment and success. It means making a decision to live from our authentic or "real self"... more

Dr. LaSharnda interviews SreyRam Kuy, MD. Dr. Kuy was born in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields. She and her family escaped Cambodia when she was a samll child and spent several years in refugess camps before... more