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REVOLUTION RADIO is a place where Patriots meet twice a week to discuss strategies for the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. On Wednesday evenings, drkate hosts "Constitutional Governance" a discussion of the Constitution and how we identify a pathway toward the restoration of true Constitutional governance in a Second American Republic. On Thursday evenings, hosts Terry Dodd and constitutional scholar Red Beckman present "WALLS IN OUR MINDS", a special segment on removing the barriers to freedom that have been built in our own minds. Tear the walls down, and the path to liberty is clear. Both shows include a broad range of guests, and callers are welcome.

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Pastor Mujahid El Masih, a man of dreams and visions for America is back with us tonight. Christian Pastor Masih, who speaks boldly against Islam will share his shocking vision for America. Will America be conquered? Will God use Donald... more

Is a vote for anyone other than Trump a vote for Hellary? Darrell Castle - Constitution Party Presidential Candidate says "No" and wants the opportunity to prove it. People are fed up with the 2 party system and many want a choice... more

Pastor Mujahid El Masih is a man of dreams and visions for America. Tonight Pastor Masih shares his story of growing up as a Christian in Pakistan and the torching of his town. His story is mezmorizing and a must hear. Join Terry... more

From the Best of Walls In Our Minds, Robert Mazur, The Infiltrator, shares with special guest co-host Mark Adams from Digital University about his life as an under cover agent in the world of drugs and money laundering. Mazur exposes... more

Want to know why Edward Snowden fled the U.S.? He saw how CIA whistleblowers like John Kiriakou were being persecuted and imprisoned. Our guest tonight, John Kiriakou reveals our government's corruption at the deepest... more

Have you ever even heard of the Camp Delta Deaths? Law Professor Mark Denbeaux had his class at Seton Hall investigate the bazaar events surrounding the reported suicides of 3 prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. The facts expose... more

From the Best of Walls In Our Minds, Topics for tonight: The church deceived, how neo-zionism, the Luciferian banksters and the beast have destroyed organized religion and our constitutional republic. Who/What is the "beast" you... more

From The Best of Walls In Our Minds: THE PERILS OF A STANDING ARMY: Our Special Guest is Mike Gaddy, teacher of U S History and the Constitution. Join Terry Dodd, Red Beckman, & DrKate for this important discussion.

Constitutional Scholar Mike Gaddy joins Terry Dodd, Red Beckman & Dr. Kate for a vitally important discussion about Civil Religion. Can you think of an example of when you might have put the government above The Creator God, YHWH?... more
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