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REVOLUTION RADIO is a place where Patriots meet twice a week to discuss strategies for the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. On Wednesday evenings, drkate hosts "Constitutional Governance" a discussion of the Constitution and how we identify a pathway toward the restoration of true Constitutional governance in a Second American Republic. On Thursday evenings, hosts Terry Dodd and constitutional scholar Red Beckman present "WALLS IN OUR MINDS", a special segment on removing the barriers to freedom that have been built in our own minds. Tear the walls down, and the path to liberty is clear. Both shows include a broad range of guests, and callers are welcome.

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* Globalist Banksters TAKING Control * Stealing Water for Profit & Control * There is a Global Water War and no one is immune! California * Montana * Texas * Arkansas & etc. Illusion of Scarcity Our special guests this week are Deborah... more

Our guest tonight is Ron McDonald, Author of "They Own It All, Including You" From the Best of Walls In Our Minds How did They* remove common law from the courts and put us all under Admiralty Law? Could They* have exposed us... more

Tonight on Walls In Our Minds: Ron McDonald, Author of "They Own It All (Including You!)" What if you could stop the false federal god from intruding into Your Nation State and Stealing Property? What if you could stop all the... more

* False Prosecution * Corrupt Federal Judiciary * Political Prisoners * Who are the real Domestic Terrorist? Tonight on Walls In Our Minds Our featured guest is Editor Ed Snook of US~Observer. Renewing the Foundations of... more

THE TWO CONSTITUTIONS with Constitutional Scholar Mike Gaddy. Mike has studied and taught U S History and The Constitution for over 25 years. He has researched the archives at the University of Virginia and the University of South... more

FEDERAL ATTACK EXPOSED - IMPACT ON CONSTITUTIONAL COUNTY SHERIFFS Lack of border security affecting crime in our counties. Constitutional Sheriffs spending inordinate amount of time at State Capitols to secure rights of... more

From the Best of Walls In Our Minds Constitutional Sheriffs - Our Last Stand from the first CSPOA Conference

EXERCISING THE POWER TO SAY "NO" Stop going along with the "Death Cult" Our guest Ben Dover joins Red and Terry for a session of telling it like it is.

Tonight, Dr Mel Laney and Dr. John Brimhall joins us to discuss medical breakthroughs. Jim Humble will call in to discuss MMS and DMSO.
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