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REVOLUTION RADIO is a place where Patriots meet twice a week to discuss strategies for the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. On Wednesday evenings, drkate hosts "Constitutional Governance" a discussion of the Constitution and how we identify a pathway toward the restoration of true Constitutional governance in a Second American Republic. On Thursday evenings, hosts Terry Dodd and constitutional scholar Red Beckman present "WALLS IN OUR MINDS", a special segment on removing the barriers to freedom that have been built in our own minds. Tear the walls down, and the path to liberty is clear. Both shows include a broad range of guests, and callers are welcome.

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Topics for tonight: The church deceived, how neo-zionism, the Luciferian banksters and the beast have destroyed organized religion and our constitutional republic. Who/What is the "beast" you might ask? Join Red Beckman, Terry... more

Gus Breton is back with us tonight to give us an update on Common Law and his work with Karl Lentz. Gus invites you to call in with your questions tonight. If you wish to know how to bring common law into a court of record; have an ongoing... more

From the Best of Walls In Our Minds. An Introduction To: COMMON LAW (Round 2, back by popular demand) Some Basic Principles and Strategies of Common Law . Our featured guest this week is Gus Breton. Gus is the Host of Common... more

THE PERILS OF A STANDING ARMY: Our Special Guest tonight is Mike Gaddy, teacher of U S History and the Constitution. Join Terry Dodd, Red Beckman, & DrKate for this important discussion.

From The Best of Walls In Our Mind. An Introduction To: COMMON LAW, you know, the topic you won't likely see taught in a law school. Our featured guest this week is our good friend Gus Breton, activist and common law practitioner,

Was the U S Constitution inspired by God? What is the anti-constitution? What did the most devout Christians of the day have to say about the Constitution during the so-called Constitutional Convention? Teacher of U S History and the U S... more

A panel of distinguished guests will be calling in to discuss Red's hot new book "Lost Sheep Found" and his classic, "Why The Militia". Among tonight's guest are Constitutional Scholar Mike Gaddy and the publisher of The Wake-Up Herald,... more

Our guests tonight are Founder of Mothers Against Sexual Abuse, Dr. Claire Reeves, and; Survivor, Dorothy Mackey. The power elite use many techniques to control the minds of individuals and the masses. Tonight we will explore the use... more

Our guests tonight are Nobel Prize nominee, Kevin Annett; Founder of Mothers Against Sexual Abuse, Dr. Claire Reeves, and; Survivor, Dorothy Mackey. We will get an update on the protests against the Pope and the arrest warrant issued... more
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