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What is Your HRV and Why it's Important?

  • Broadcast in Health
Dr Karen Kan

Dr Karen Kan


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Your HRV is your heart rate variability (or in simple terms- the time intervals between your heart beats). It's a reflection of the health of your Autonomic nervouse system (ANS), which controls 90% of your body's functions. It's often a very strong indicator of how your body reacts and adapts to stress (which will either block or speed up your healing efforts!). 

I now use a very cool machine - the HeartQuest HRV machine - in my office for my patients, and it is SO cool! Not only am I instantly shown their HRV, it even gives us a visual "inside look" on how their body is healing. You can even see a very clear "before" and "after" picture of your chakras, brain etc. to see what treatments are really working for you! 

In only a few minutes, I can print out a visual for someone to see their balance among the five elements from Chinese medicine, their hormonal activity, energy balance in each endocrine gland, and even their actual age versus biological age (just to name a few..)

I thought this invention was so cool, that I invited one of the designers of the HeartQuest HRV machine, Dr. Michael Kessler, to come on my show and tell us all about how this machine works, and why it's important for someone to know all this stuff about themselves. 

Here's just a few things we will be chatting about:

  • What all does the heartquest do?
  • How accurate is it?
  • How soon do people see shifts in their readings after getting treatment?
  • How reliable are the results? What do these results mean?
  • and more! 

We will even be opening up the phone lines for your questions at the end of the show, so be sure to join us live! 

To learn more visit http://www.hrvhq.com/.