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A Sound Heart


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"A sound heart gives life to the body..." Proverbs 14:30

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If a lie is artful and deceptive manner it is believed. Lies are living things. Yes, they are dark and misleading living things. Lies have the power to control and change one's true destiny. Lies are carefully studied and researched for their... more

We live in antithesis. It cannot be otherwise for us. We do not live in synthesis. There will be no reconciliation of opposites, and the emergence of a new synthesis. We live in this world as those who have been made new by the Spirit... more

God knows the end from the beginning. He foretold the rise of a global evil empire in the Book of Genesis. The militant empire called the Tower of Babel event was a globalist utopia that was godless and autonomous. This was the beginning... more

God is no mere abstraction. Those who wish to abolish God do not understand the doctine of essential being. God is essential being without whom there would be no-thing (essence). In physics, it is well-known that matter or mass... more

The Anti-Christ or Wild Beast of the Book of Revelation will be the incarnation of Satan. He will come on the scene of human history with diabolic charm and seductive words. He will bring peace, but he will not bring real peace. His... more

The Tower of Babel (Confusion) was a super political religious state created by autonomous man after the Great Flood. It was an attempt to elevate man over his accountability to God. The Tower was designed to show that man did not need... more

Sin is intrinsic reality. The presence of sin in the cosmos is demonstrated by the behavior and actions of people. There are those who believe that they do not have sin, and can do whatsoever they desire. Of course, in the short term sin... more

Peter wrote of believers:..they(world powers) will make mechandise of you." Such mockery, however, does not extend to God. He knows the end from the beginning. He is not duped by the cunning ones. God will bring into judgement... more

The west no longer has solid footing in reality. In fact, reality has fled the room. The west has abandoned God by political and legal fiat, and God has given the west over to its lusts. Of course, there is pleasure in sin for a season. Of course,... more

Real power resides in love. Radical power is within the sacred sphere of love. Love predates Creation. Before there was sub-atomic dust and various particles there was love. Love is the primary metaphysical reality. One may not fully... more
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