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A Sound Heart


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"A sound heart gives life to the body..." Proverbs 14:30

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The heart that is filled with lies knows only deceit and misery. It is not possible to be whole and live a fulfilled life if one is imprisoned by lies. Lies are not intrinsic to the created order. In fact, lies are abnormal to the created order. At some point the one who has invested his life in lies will be faced with his decisions in a manner that eats its creator. The liar may create a fictional disdane for his creation,but only when he is caught. The biblical materials tell us that everything that is hidden with be exposed to the light by the power of God.
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The topic of sin is not popular, but it is necessary. Sinful actions dissolve the souls and hearts of persons. Persons who practice sin may find pleasure therein for a season, but then consequences come to collect the debt. Many have... more

This episode of A Sound Heart explores the terrible cost of secret sins. Secret sins are a curse upon the soul. Secret sins do much spiritual harm. They make us small and unproductive. They make us lie to ourselves and others who we love,... more

This episode of A Sound Heart explores the necessity of spiritual coherence and Spirit-led sanity in these diabolic times. These are indeed diabolic days,and shattering times. Lies superabound to the possible, or probable socio-political... more

Once upon a time there was a king who was addicted to the pronoun "I." He believed that he alone had built a mighty kingdom without the help of God Almighty. Because the king was blinded by arrogance and had forgotten that all... more

This episode of A Sound Heart will investigate the end of the mythos of psychologized man. Psychologized man was the creation of persons who greeted the dawning of the 20th century with psychotherapy. A philosophical tenet... more

This episode of A Sound Heart will explore self-rejection due to early childhood abuse. This is an ongoing problem not only in western "culture" such as it is, but also the world at large. We seem to be placing bandages over the... more

This episode of a Sound Heart is a sobering reflection on the state of America Inc., and its relentless passion for profit over life. What would it profit a man if he gained the whole world and loses his soul? The average human life span is only... more

This episode of A Sound Heart explores the resurrection power of Jesus. The resurrection power of Jesus is available to all of the saints who have crucified the flesh(sarx). This is the starting point of true freedom in Jesus. Hostility and... more

This episode of A Sound Heart will explore the necessity of growing in spiritual perception. Spiritual perception is more than mere intellectual grasp of a few points of doctrine. Spiritual perception involves the whole person. It is holistic... more

This episode of A Sound Heart will explore the reality of appropriate worship. We live in a time when the skewed vision of moral relativism has taken control of the hearts of people. Egocentrism rules the day. God has become a remote being... more
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