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A Sound Heart


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"A sound heart gives life to the body..." Proverbs 14:30

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Those who are suffering in abusive relationships lose their sense of self. They fell for the charm and swagger of the abuser, and did not realize that it was only a mask. It was the mask-trap of a fiendish and diabolic manipulative personality who carefully chooses his/her victim target. The charming deceiver is there to crush the life out of its target, and turn the person into an empty dependent non-being. Their lies are sprinkled with twisted truth, but just enough poisoned truth to trap the unwary soul.("Come into my parlor," said the spider to the fly.).
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The merely religious ones do not realize that God is not impressed with outward acts of piety. He knows the depths of human selfishness and betrayal. He therefore knows that superficial piety is really self-worship. I-dolatry is the... more

It's time to get serious about eternal life in Jesus. No more cosmic values, or cosmic attitudes. The things of this world have no place in the lives of believing ones. If we are truly being transformed from glory, to glory then we are... more

We all have faced or will face negative experiences in life. We also have the power to decide how we will use those experiences to determine our world-view. We can decide that the world is poised against us, and it is useless to face... more

Too often past narratives control the present. Those who are living the past in the present tense cannnot experience life in superabundance as spoken of by Jesus. For too many people negative experiences of the past color the present. The... more

Church history is filled with narratives of ruin, and horror done to wipe out the people of God. These stories are not hidden from the church today, but they are ignored by the church today. The church today is ahistorical. It is not connected... more

The missional imperative of the church is to preach the Gospel to the unsaved and teach the people of God the Word of God. This divine mandate is not without its problems because the devil ever seeks to hinder the Gospel. Church... more

Powerful forces in the unseen world fight against the church, and its mandate to preach the Gospel to the unsaved, and teach the Word of God to the people of God. The church today had lost its spiritual vitality because it has no real vision... more

There is a supernatural aspect to history that we do not often discuss because the world is convinced that there is no supernatural realm. Our platform of existence is infused with the supernatural though we like to believe that we are mere... more

The subject of Soteriology or the doctrine of salvation is highly important for all believing ones to master. Soteriology teaches the doctrine of salvation from Genesis to Revelation. The details of God's saving activity are explored in great... more

Our spiritual wellbeing rests upon the bedrock of the Word of God. Do you see today how easily people lie? Do you see the disdain and contempt that people have for the truth? Anyone who builds his or her life-narrative upon lies will not... more
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