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Josiah Rich Ministries

A Sound Heart


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"A sound heart gives life to the body..." Proverbs 14:30

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The world does not let us rest. Jesus promises rest to those who come to Him. He promises to lift up and bear away the burdens that weigh down the soul. Only He can make such a promise to weary souls and set them free. However,... more

One of the greatest weapons of the enemy is discouragement. Discouragement can wound the heart fasten the heart of the believer to the malaise of doubt. The enemy does not care about you and me. He only loves to see us wallowing in... more

The Apostle Paul was a wonderfully mature believer. He knew that believing ones who have sinned require the powerful medicine of Grace, not human psychotherapy. Paul knew that we are complete in Him (Jesus), and that Grace... more

Sexual sin can destroy your spiritual life. Enjoying or finding pleasure in sexually explicit memories can do major harm to you new life in Jesus. Are you tired of what these memories are doing to you or your marriage or ministry? There is a... more

In the Last days the wild beast will appear after the great falling away of the church. You see, the visible church will keep its outward form, but people within it will not put up with sound doctrine. They will heap to themselves teachers... more

In the Age of Relativism what is, is right. In the Age of Iconic Self-Interest only the deified self is of Untimate Concern. In the Age of the Absurd people have been conditioned to believe that they may judge without consequence to themselves... more

According to the biblical documents in the Last Days terrible times will come. The Last Days will be defined by the worship of the self. Militant post-humanism will discard any notion of God and righteousness. People will seek out teachers that... more

The northern kingdom of Israel was destroyed by Yahweh because it followed pagan religion customs. One of the most terrible customs of the city-states that were embedded in the promised land was the cult of infant sacrifice.... more

The people of Yahweh were terribly oppressed by a pharoah that did not know Joseph. This pharoah abused the people of Yahweh because he feared that if a foe attempted to northwestern frontier the people of Yahweh would unite with... more

The call of Yahweh is intrinsic to His will within the the lives of certain individuals. Those who ae called by Yahweh must do His will for their lives. In fact, to resist His will is active rebellion against eh known will of God. God does not relent... more
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