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A Sound Heart


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"A sound heart gives life to the body..." Proverbs 14:30

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The people of Yahweh in the Old Testsment had to learn trust by going through many hardships. For instance, it took them forty years to make the journey to the promised land that should have taken only eleven days! Unfortunately, even... more

The biblical materials have a great amount of pertinent information on the subject of anger. The information is relevant, instructive, and powerful. Many people today are angry. They are angry about current events, their lack of life effectiveness,... more

The world today is filled with darkness, dispair, and grief. The so-called powers that be have no word other than the cult of death. The world is filled with darkneess because men love darkness rather than light. People have been... more

The Biblical Materials do not teach empty religious generalizations. The Biblical Materials do not present God as a figure who can be manipulated by man. The Bliblical Materials present God as the Holy One who demands that we listen to... more

The Genesis Flood is an abiding warning of the wrath of God. It is an abiding warning that God will not always stay his hand from judgement. Yes, God will not destroy the world again by a great flood. He will, however, end this age by... more

The Genesis Flood was a real event in spacetime history. It is interesting to note that the Flood event has been recorded universally in ancient historical accounts and epics. There are even ancient Roman coins that reference the Flood.... more

Jesus said: "In this world you will be in tight places." Our common enemy as believers is the Devil. Please note that his name means 'divider.' He know that he cannot seperate believing ones from their relationship with the Lord, but he can,... more

The meaning and scope of the Genesis Flood narrative has been purposefully obscured in these days. The Flood narrative has been relegated to a mere religious myth or Sunday school fare. However, what people are not told these... more

During his public Jesus saw the unfortunate panaroma of human ills and conditions. He saw and healed diseases of both body and mind. Jesus, however, did not look upon persons as mind-body dualities. On the contrary, Jesus... more

This show will discuss the power of God to set us free from anger. Perhaps you believe that your anger is justified because of some injustice or perceived wrong. Please understand that the foundation of anger is pride. Anger may be a... more
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