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A Sound Heart


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"A sound heart gives life to the body..." Proverbs 14:30

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Yes, there are those who teach a name it and claim it pseudo-gospel of materialism, but that is not the teaching of the biblical documents. There are those who teach victory over circumstances in life, but that is not the emphasis in the... more

The family model of father-mother and children has been under attack for a long time. Violent and sadistic minds have created very imaginative and brilliant protocols in order to destroy the family. These persons know that the traditional... more

It is highly important to know that the practice of sin is destructive to one's life. In fact, the practice of sin can injure one's life to the extent that one may become mentally and physically immobilized. It is therefoe important to know that God... more

The rapture of the church at the end of this age will significantly change history. Most certainly there will be an attempt to corrupt and or hide this event by the perception engineers, but that will do no good becaue God's will is not subject... more

We live in a time of great historical events. Wicked men are becoming more wicked deceiving and being decieved. The Chruch Age is nearing its completion in God's timetable. It seems that the times of the gentiles are at an end.... more

The Rapture of the Church is a marvelous biblical doctrine. Therein those who are members of the Body of Christ are assured that we will not be left in the satanic milieu. We will be raptured out of this place by the Lord. He shall descend out... more

Anger is dangerous to the psycho-physical well-being of believers. It is well documented in the Scriptures that anger distorts perception and can lead a person into a destructive existence. One may 'feel' justified for feeling angry over a... more

Anger is a very serious spiritual problem. Even therapists and counselors struggle with the reality of anger. The Word of God has much to teach about the problem of anger and what to do about it. Anger is very destructive and causes... more

God's message of salvation is for all of mankind, but there are those who seek to keep his message from being heard. This nefarious work is done in order to keep people in darkness, and spiritual ignorance. God so loved the world that he... more

The media are formidible weapons in mind control. There are those who believe that mind control is not a reality, but they are very ill-informed. Mind control techniques are highly refined, and subtle. It is difficult to 'know' when one has... more
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